Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What I am thankful for (2009 edition)


Mary said...

Beautiful tribute...And I am thankful for you. You probably don't know how many times I thanked you, Susan, for lifting me up on some of my worst days...all I needed was a visit here or a peek at your FB status.

Love and hugs,
Mare, the one with the bad hair in West Virginnie.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I'm thankful for you too Susan. You're the one who can get me to take risks outside of my comfort zone. Do you remember that it was you (with a little help from Keith) that got me to climb that nasty, muddy, hideously steep hill to the big tree? It scared the crap out of me but you pushed and pulled and got me up there. When I got back down (thank God!) I had to walk off by myself and cry a little bit. I was so proud.
Thank you Susan.

Umm...where's Earl?

Susan Gets Native said...

Friends are the trampolines we jump on. :)
I am thankful for you in spades, Mary. Your spirit, when it is soaring, is an absolute joy to behold. And when it is flagging, by Gawd you still find ways to pick yourself up. You rock, my dear friend.

I do remember. And I think about it often. I was so proud of you, but instead of gushing all over you, which I know makes you flap your hands at people, I just smiled inside and out that you did something that so clearly terrified you. It was one of my Muddlety moments...and I am so glad I was there with YOU.

And I think we all KNOW just how thankful I am for Earl.

Beth said...

I am thankful for you, dear friend. You made the West Virginia trip a joy and a once in a lifetime experience. I will never forget walking the muddy trails laughing at Keith, picking up centipedes and giggling until I thought my sides would burst. Thanks for bringing such joy to my life.


Susan Gets Native said...

Beth: DITTO. That last day with Keith and Connie, I thought they would bind and gag us with duct tape, with all the giggling. I'm still mad at Keith for shaking that poor centipede.
It's rare to find a friend who can make you wet your pants just by her looking at you. And we will not mention the raspberry-cane-peeing-falling incident. :0
You are one of the feathers in my friend cap, and I am proud to have you.

dguzman said...

*sniffle!* I'm definitely thankful for all my Flock friends. Neat video.