Sunday, August 02, 2009

So let's dance...the last dance...Let's dance....the last dance...*

*You're singing that song now, aren't you?

As songbird nesting season comes to a close, so do the nets at Les' M.A.P.S. banding station.

It's hard to believe, but I shivered through most of the morning. The day started humid and warm, but a cold front quickly put an end to that.

Banding is fun to watch, but for the bander, it's time to work and concentrate.
Les MAPS 080209
I have to wonder if my constant babbling got on his nerves.

Some highlights from the day:

This hummingbird wasn't banded. Just ooh'ed and ahh'ed over and then released.
Hummingbird MAPS 080209

I stared and stared at this "screech owl" for 5 minutes before I realized it was a tree stump.
Well, you can't blame me! The goofy thing even has ear tufts!!

There's always more than birds in the this coral fungus:
Coral fungus

A huge colony of this was overtaking a fallen tree. It was beautiful and delicate...
Macro coral fungus skeletal fingers clawing through the loam underfoot.

Adult Blue Jay:
Blue Jay
And for all their bravado at your feeders, they are remarkably docile in the hand.

Blue Jay wing
I could look at the back of a Blue Jay all day.

Hatch year Eastern Towhee:
Juvenile Towhee
Kathi did a Bird ID quiz on her blog, and that's how I knew what it was. I felt very smart.
Look at the different parts...a "sparrowish" head and chest, with contrasting black and white wings.

Eastern Wood Peewee:
ID tip to tell Peewees from other flycatchers...Peewees have a "blank" face, i.e. no eye ring.

Red-eyed Vireo:
Red eyed vireo
Feisty birds.

Red eyed vireo back
I could look at the back of a Red-eyed Vireo all day. Rich olive green, like moss in a primeval forest...with hints of a reddish wash. Just a hint.

So we say goodbye to the birds of Miami-Whitewater Forest until next Spring.

Laura? Laurrrrraaaaa???? Blueish-green nail polish! Are you FREAKIN'??
: )


KGMom said...
I love all the birds--even the blue jays. Lovely feathers--which I really don't notice when they are squawking away in my yard.
And I especially love the turquoise nail polish--woo hooo.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...


Check out the nails!!
I like 'em.
(I'd never wear that color either...)

LauraHinNJ said...

Lynne is with me... so there!

I have to admit tho that the color does go nicely with the pretty silver bands.

I love Blue Jays... their bill looks dangerous! Surprises me to hear that they're sweet in the hand...

I think we may be doing banding into the fall at Sandy Hook... I'm looking forward to it at least.

Beth said...

I will have to go against the gals and vote Yes on the blue polish. Looks awesome. I like pale yellow (no frost) myself for my nails in the summer - especially the tootsies.

Glad you had a nice trip to wrap up banding for the season.

Beth/ Elmo

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...



dAwN said...

last dance..last dance..oh my..yes in my head..tee hee.
So..I must attend more bird bandings you must learn so much!
Especially how to ID screech owls..LOL
Actually I had a group of birders in Arizona convinced that what I saw was and was one of those wood owls that u saw! ears and all..should have taken a photo ..
Thanks for the mushroom photo..Love corals ..well love to look at all schrooms.
Catcha later..more catching up to do.

Kathiesbirds said...

Susan, you get to have too much fun!

Kathiesbirds said...
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Kathiesbirds said...

Susan, that was me. My comment double posted. Blame me for being impatient or the internet for being too slow!