Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A future blogger among us?

I think Isabelle will have a blog someday.
As in, she asked me the other day, "Mommy? When will I be old enough to start a blog?"
I fielded that question by telling her she has to learn how to type first.

Lately, I have to go searching for my camera because Isabelle has taken off with it into the backyard or somewhere in the house to photograph the animals.

The following photos were taken by Isabelle, my 7 year old:

A male American Goldfinch noodling under a sunflower:
Goldfinch by Isabelle

Mommy, Pandora and Nellie:
Nellie and me

*I was especially proud of her for this one*
White-breasted Nuthatch IN FLIGHT:
Nuthatch in flight by Isabelle

And Powder, doing her "FizzGig" impression:
Powder YAWN

This is Fizzgig, if you are rusty on your "Dark Crystal" characters:

And a few photos from me:
Angel the Screech Owl at today's program at Imago, for a young photographer's club:
Angel at Imago
Perfect light, perfect bird. If we ignore that tiny tuft of Astro-Turf, we can pretend she is once again a wild owl.

This was weird.
Strolling the yard, I saw what I thought was some cool fungus in a pine tree:
Deer Vertebrae in the tree

Nope. That's not fungus. That's a deer vertebra. In a tree.

I had to laugh when I realized how it got there.
The remains of the skeleton we found here are still buried under the weeds, and I assume that when the body was still fresh, some critter pulled a vertebra into the tree for a meal.
Looking at the picture, I think that the branch is growing through the vertebra! Makes sense, since it has been hanging there for about 3 years.

Anyone else think that is neat?


denapple said...

Looks like Santa needs to bring her a camera for Christmas and some typing lessons! She'll be great!

KGMom said...

That vertebrae in tree is totally cool.
Wow--you have a talented daughter, but that is not surprising--you are so talented yourself.

Amy said...

Oh yeah, Isabelle's got talent alright. I love the nuthatch shot! And I think the deer vertebra is very neat (like most of your posts, no surprise). :)

NCmountainwoman said...

Buy that girl a camera of her own. A good camera, not a "kid's camera." She definitely has an eye.

Richard said...

Time for Isabelle to have her own camera. She takes great pictures. She's right at the age to start learning what you can and can't do to get good pictures.

MObugs said...

I see a digital SLR in Isabelle's future. She has amazing talent and a great eye! I love the nuthatch photo.

NatureWoman said...

Yes, I think the deer vertebrae is really cool!
OMG - Isabelle takes great photos - what a good eye!!

rgallwitz said...

Susan, I found your blog on the nature blog network. I love it. I recently started a bird blog with my kids as well. In the past month I am amazed how it has motivated my kids to learn about the world around them. My 7 year old son has taken many of the pictures and it is awesome to see his excitement when he captures a photo of a bird he has be trying get for some time. Recently he finally took a picture of a Cardinal. He was so excited that he ran into the bathroom to show his mother the picture while she was in the shower.

Check it out if you like:

Owlman said...

That nuthatch pic is off the charts...betta than anything I've taken! The vertebra rocks!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the deer vertebra is cool, and so is Isabelle. Though I'm glad I didn't have to learn to type before I started blogging.

The deer vertebra made me think of your post about finding your people @ new river. Yes, there are others who think these things are cool, not gross, and who would rush right over to your house to see if they lived nearby.

CrazyBird said...

It's time for the up and coming blogger to get a camera! Her pics are amazing! Way to go! And the vertabra rocks.... I love the pic of Angel...too sweet!

BANJO52 said...

"Wow, cool fungus over there. Dude, cool vertebrae. Maybe if we keep walking, we'll find a skunk gall bladder."

Yup, my English teacher friends talk like that all the time.

Congrats to your daughter! I had no idea kids that young could get shots like that, even in the digital age.

dAwN said...

Yes ..
If not a budding blogger..certainly a budding photographer!
Love the cat yawning and her bird in flight!
Tell her i give her a ten out of ten.I am very impressed..

She has a great example in you!
You have heart and a great love of nature..
that vertebra and how it got there..yeah ..cool stuff!