Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Banding a big one

Since he is no longer a stranger, I wonder what nickname we can come up with for Les?
I'm sure I will think of something.

After dropping the kids off for a sleepover at Mom's, I headed out to Les' M.A.P.S. banding site.

The weather was perfect today...in the seventies with little humidity. Much of the eastern U.S. has been enjoying lower-than-average temperatures, and this gal is NOT complaining about it.

Fluffy WBNU butt
Did you know that young birds (like this HY [Hatch Year]White-breasted nuthatch) have fluffy butts?

I very much wanted to kiss this sweet little nuthatch...
...but given the force behind the bill, I chose to keep my lips to myself.

The "cool" bird of the day, a first for this site:
A HY (and very pissed off) Pileated woodpecker.
Check the crest...I wanted to rub it and make a wish.

These birds are massive, at least for a non-raptor (hee hee)...
juv PIWO band
Though not dependent on its parents anymore, it nonetheless gave out some pitiful and creepy calls to them as they waited in the trees. (The sound was akin to someone squeezing a squirrel)

Juv PIWO prepares to eat Les
All that drama must have made it hungry, so it decided to eat Les.

Nets have to be taken down every day, so an errant deer or turkey doesn't go galluping through them....
Taking nets down

Nets make a good Halloween wig
Did you know that mist nets also make great Halloween wigs?


nina at Nature Remains. said...

Gawrsh, that pileated looks huge in the hand! Like banding a small chicken?
Cute, fuzzy crest! (Reminds me of a troll)

Susan Gets Native said...

I know, right? Like a troll!
And yeah, it was like banding a small chicken!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Wowser! I'd love to see a Pileated in the hand. Cool pix Susan!!!

Susan Gets Native said...

You know, they actually look smaller in hand than they do up in a tree. But still, a big honking bird!
Remember getting Mary her life PIWO at Sugar Creek? That memory always makes me smile.

Kim said...

OMG Susan, I had to laugh when I saw the look on the Pileated face. It does look pissed!!!! Love the gorgeou crest!

Kelly said...

....that fellow is huge! His red crest reminds me of the Heat Miser (remember that Christmas cartoon from the 70s?).

Owlman said...

Love the pileated - actually made me think about dying my hair red...now if I can only find some hair!

Beth said...

Wow - love that HY PIWO. He looks mighty ticked off. Thanks for the pix (and thank Les, too).


Anonymous said...

Punk rockers have nothing on that pileated!

Years ago I helped a friend of mine with his birdbanding operation. When he wasn't looking, I'd kiss the birds on top of their heads (you avoid beaks that way!). I also found that chickadees looked bigger flying away than when in the hand.

MObugs said...

LMAO...Susan you never fail to make me laugh until I spit milk outta my nose...and that just isn't very ladylike. Your adventures are so wonderful (green eyed monster here)

Anonymous said...

Punk Pileated! Who knew!

Anonymous said...

Punk Pileated! Who knew!

NatureWoman said...

Oh wow, I didn't realize a pileated was so big! I love the funky doo! I know you'll come up with a good nickname for Les!

dAwN said...

Ohh. wee..I would have wanted to pet that Piliated head too!
Very cool up close and personal Pics..
Thanks Susan for sharing these!

Kyle said...

That Pileated looks an awfully lot like a punker I used to go to school with! Wonderful shots, Susan!