Monday, June 29, 2009

A Mother of the Year Award I think I actually deserve!

I joke that when I do something stupid involving the kids, that's my latest submission as "Mother of the Year" turning around suddenly in a store, accidentally knocking one of the girls down...or bumping them with the grocery cart...stuff that is unintentional. I will proudly proclaim, "Another Mother of the Year Award!" and pick them up and give them a kiss and a hug. Well.........I think I might actually deserve it today.

Isabelle has been losing teeth left and right. Lorelei has been feeling left out, so the "Tooth Fairy" wrote a note and sneaked it into the mailbox today.

Dear Lorelei,

I have heard that you were upset about me visiting Isabelle, your big sister, but not you.

I’m sure you are very eager to lose your first tooth. Just remember that you will keep your baby teeth until you do not need them anymore.

I wanted to tell you that you will lose your first tooth very soon, and I will be coming to get it from under your pillow and leave you some money.

Be patient…I will see you very soon!


The Tooth Fairy

As we were heading off the dentist this afternoon, I stopped at the mailbox to "check the mail". We were all VERY surprised to find the "Tooth Fairy's" note. I read it to Lorelei, and it was as if the sun came out on her face.

She insisted on showing it to all the hygienists at the office, and also the dentist himself.

While the girls were off buying toys with the "gold coins" the dentist gives them, he pulled me aside.

"That note was perfect. It was age-appropriate and told her exactly what I would have told her. EVERY other parent, when there are two kids involved, asks ME to tell the youngest child why they haven't lost teeth yet. You saw the need for this note, and did it. I'm very, very impressed. I saw on the charts that you are an educator, and I can say that you come by it naturally. You have not only taught your child about why her teeth aren't coming out yet, but you have also boosted her self-esteem. You made her feel special...I wish I could get you to talk to 99 % of the parents who come in here. More parents need to be like YOU."

Well, you can imagine I just floated out of that office.


Anonymous said...

Mother of the Year, indeed! Good on ya! I tend to sarcastically call myself that too when I do something good like feed my kids Lunchables everyday for a week because it's been "one of those weeks." Still, sometimes we get it right and you did in SPADES! Good job, Mom!

And, good job for the dentist, too. I have stayed with doctors who make me feel like I've got it going on as a mom and left doctors who somehow ignored all the effort involved. I think you've got a good dentist there! YAY!

Anonymous said...

I think you've found your niche in more than one part of your life. Nothing will every replace, or be better than, how much you love your kids.

NatureWoman said...

Woo Hoo!!!! Congratulations on you "Mother of the Year" award! You totally rock!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Good jooobbbb!!

You did exactly the right thing.

MObugs said...

PERFECT! You definitely get my vote!

Cindie U. said...

That was so cool...what you did for your daughter AND what the dentist said.

Beth said...

Good job, Mom-of-the-Year! Your kids (and their teeth) are lucky to have you.


Mel said...

Yesss!!! AWESOME!!!
Triple mom-of-the-year award for Susan:
1. For cheering up the little princess.
2. For getting an A+++ from the dentist.
3. For making the Tooth Fairy look goooood ;)

KGMom said...

I agree this story underscores that you are indeed the mother of the year--but, then, from having watched some of your videos with your girls, I already knew that.

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks, all...What started as just a way to keep her from pouting, turned into something I can hold my head high about.
Never thought I would be a good Mom...let me continue through the next 10 years or so and not screw them up too badly!

dAwN said...

Love it! what a wonderful mother u are!