Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things I learned in West Virginia

Beth did a post here about some things she learned on our jaunt to West Virginia. Got me thinking about what I learned:

1. (I knew this already, but the festival really brought it home for me)
All birders are NOT stodgy, buttoned-up geeks.

(Tim plays the cowbell with the Swinging Orangutangs)

(Mary gets her freak on)

2. Some people can't read.
Keith is trespassing!

3. Some birders like to drink. A lot.
Wine pile number 1
Wine pile number 2
Wine pile number 3
Let me add: This was not all of the wine, only about half. This photo was taken in the middle of the week...we had burned through about 27 bottles already.

4. Birders are eco-friendly, and can be trusted to recycle.
Where the Wino slept
Coke, wine and bottled water. Breakfast of Champions.

5. After a long week of heavy birding, some birders can't take it anymore and they snap.
Do not throw things over overlook


Mel said...


NCmountainwoman said...

What a great post! There was more to New River than birding all right. Everyone needs a week like that! I can't believe you guys drank all that wine and still got up at dark o'clock every morning to go birding. I'm impressed.

Susan Gets Native said...

I forgot to add this:
Don't ask Beth and Lynne to spot for you when you are drunk and go off in the woods to night. In raspberry canes. A car will come along and they will yell "Car!", but as you try to get more behind the raspberry canes, fall and get your butt all scratched up by thorns, they will not help you out and will just bend over double in the road and laugh at you.

Q said...

You had so much fun!
Wonderful post.

T.R. said...

I guess since we all originally met on the internet and had to use our imagination for so long - looking at these photos is so surreal. Did it really happen - did we all really meet? Or is this just how we imagined it? Only one way to test it - lets all met there again next year to see if it was real.

PS Have I told you, Susan, how much I adore you! Susan. Who really doesn't remind me of any other birder - even one that starts with an S. I heart my Susan! The one, the only Susan!

KGMom said...

You are right--some people can't read. Lynne is clearly ready to throw an OBJECT over the overlook.

Susan Gets Native said...

Tim: Right back at ya, sweet thang.
:) *kiss*

Donna: Oh, yeah. Lynne had HAD ENOUGH BIRDING!!!!!!

Keith at Opossum Creek said...

Are you trying to incriminate me?

Susan Gets Native said...

Yup. Blackmail.

Beth said...

Hey, we DID warn you about the car! We can't help it if you are clumsy with your pants down in a raspberry bush! Hee, hee, hee. I'm laughing all over again just thinking about it.


Susan Gets Native said...

Yeah, but you coulda helped a sista out. I was peeing all over the place, getting my butt tore open by brambles, I'm screaming OW! OW! OW! and I peek out and you and Lynne are in hysterics.

; )

jalynn01 said...

Oh Susan! You know how to make a person laugh and spread the joy around.. Great post with words that suit every photo. I was so happy to find out that birders are so friendly. Some of them can be such sticks in the mud. WV changed my mind about that completely. I'm still wishing I was there.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I'm happy to say there was not a pinchy birder in the Flock.

Mary really looks scared! I look a bit CRAZED! Wasn't that the day I hit the wall and fell asleep the second they turned the lights down for the dinner presentation?

Sorry about the spotting. All we could hear was you wailing in the dark. Beth and I nearly fell down laughing.

dguzman said...

Typical birders!

Kathiesbirds said...

Now I am laughing so hard I need to pee!

Kathiesbirds said...

I LOVE that photo of Mary and Lynne! I want it! It is perfect!