Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I really wanted to have two cameras at the New River Bird and Nature Festival: One for video and one for stills. My camera does both, but sometimes so much was going on, I didn't know where to turn or what to film.

I had my camera set for "video" on the van Tuesday, and caught this little exchange...
(The guy driving is Geoff Heeter. We never knew what was going to come out of his mouth)

Kathi is telling us about a trip leader from another festival who never let anyone stop for
a potty break. If you can't catch all of the dialogue, you may have to watch it more than once.

On Wednesday with the Dream Team, we all did the prerequisite "Life Bird Wiggle", immortalized by BT3. I think we had finally seen the Cerulean Warbler who had been taunting and following us all morning.

Note Keith, (aka "Sad, sad Dope from THIS post) way in the back, who thinks that I am taking still shots, so he just stands there with his arms above his head. See? A dope.


Keith at Opossum Creek said...

OOHHH this Blog thing keeps getiing better and better! OOOF.

Wren said...

That was funny. Mr Wren just watched over my shoulder and said somewhat nervously, "You people do this every year?"

Susan Gets Native said...

Blogs are FUN.

Non-birders just don't understand.
: )

Mary said...

It was fun to relive that, Susan. Keith has learned the Life Bird Wiggle requires some hip action.

KatDoc said...

I cannot beLIEVE you posted the "cast iron bladder" conversation. Next, it will be the cheesecake photo by the hot tub. My reputation as a serious birder will be completely ruined.

~Kathi, rummaging thru her photos to find something to embarrass Susan with

Susan Gets Native said...

I have 690 photos of people and 10 pictures of birds. Is that right???

I don't think you will have any trouble finding something to embarrass me with. My inner-censorship switch was stuck "OFF".

T.R. said...

The pee-pee dance, the lifer dance; we did them all in the course of a week!!!

Susan Gets Native said...

Don't forget dancing to the Cow Bell!
(Which will present itself in a later post)

Kelly said...

...funny video, and i enjoyed the music and slide show from your previous post too!

Lynne said...

You just got me laughing with tears squirting out of my eyes again! Keith thanding there...not moving...still not moving...

I just wish we had a video of the Susan Williams black bear alarm call!

bear- Bear- BEar- BEAr- BEAR!!!!!
(all the while pointing with two hands)

Tommy said...

Really looks like you had fun up there!

I think you should have kept the video setting on permanently, so us far-away people could laugh at more of your mis-haps!