Monday, May 04, 2009

I found my people at New River...and I want them back.


T.R. said...

Oh that was great!!!! Perfect song and relieved that there are no "sleeping on the bus" photos of me!

Ahhh, I have been missing you guys all day. There was something very, very magical about our week in West Virginia. I know we all arrived with various degrees of relative familiarity and a common love for the natural world - but who would have ever guessed that we would become family so instantly.

I miss your dazzling smile and infectious laughter and can't wait to see you again.

Much love from the token "Cock of the Flock"

Kallen305 said...

Great pictures of your trip and love the song to go with it. You all certainly looked busy. You must have gotten some fantastic birds!

KatDoc said...

Damn you.

You made me cry.



Julie Zickefoose said...

That was sublime. I was singing that song to myself all weekend, too. Nothing corny about this, Susan! It's sweet! I especially like seeing the Farmhouse scenes since I never managed to get down there for the laughfest. Sigh. It went too too fast.

Mary said...

Dammit. You made me cry. I can hardly see the damned pictures.

I wanna go back!

Love you,

Lynne said...

Susan you made me all achey with that one. Could you hear my big sigh when it finished?

After six days of field trips with you and Mary I'm just plain lonesome. I miss sitting and sipping around the table every evening.

HAHAHAHA!!! "Cock of the Flock"!!!!

Anonymous said...

That was fabulous - you really captured the week and the music is perfect. So many good times to recall with all of you.

Beth said...

Awwww, Susan! I cried when Keith (Sad, Sad Dope) got me on a chestnut sided warbler and now I cried watching this video. Better than all the birds were all the friends. Miss you already!

Your Partner in Crime

RuthieJ said...

That was a great little video Susan. I smiled through the whole thing and could sense your fun even though I wasn't there. Loved the pics with Mary & Chet!

nina at Nature Remains. said...

I watched, but keep coming back--so sweet to see all your faces again.
Missing you.

Susan Gets Native said...

I know... at least you, me and Kathi live in the same town (sort of). Everyone else is just too darn far away. :(

Kathiesbirds said...

Susan, that was great and so much fun to watch. I was so exhausted by the end of the week. Seeing all these photos helps me to remember what happened and lets me see what I missed!