Saturday, May 16, 2009

Altitude Sickness. Yep, that's what we will blame it on.

We were way above sea level. It obviously had an adverse affect on us....

Just random things from the Trip that make me giggle out loud, still...two weeks later:

Beth is like a Tickle-Me-Elmo. Except you don't have to tickle her to get her to dissolve into tearful laughter. Just look at her. That's all it takes.
I got to go out with her on our last day in the field...and she got me into trouble more than once with the Big, Bad, Scary Trip Leaders. I would just glance her way, and away we would go.
And she has a wicked sense of humor. We get each other, and that alone makes her a priceless friend.

A new saying popped up at the Farmhouse, and I wonder if we can make it a national thing?:
Riding on the van, back from Cranberry Glade (and praying aloud for Geoff Heeter not to drive the van over the side of the mountain), or was it sitting at the kitchen table? I can't remember...
I told a story about a boyfriend who asked me who the "Black Sheep" was in my family. I thought and thought about it, and couldn't come up with anyone...then I realized that the Black Sheep of my family was me. After finishing the story, Jane smiled at me, and said,
"Susan, you need to embrace your Inner Sheep."

We used that all week.

An interlude that I alluded to in some comments a few days ago:
I had too much to drink one night...and I needed to pee. Instead of walking alllll the way to the bathroom inside, I instead asked Lynne and Beth to spot for me as I ambled off into the bushes.
Just as I dropped trou, a car's headlights illuminated me. Lynne and Beth called out, "Car!"
I tried to get farther behind the bush, but with my jeans around my knees, all I could do was stumble further into the RASPBERRY CANES I was trying to pee behind.
(In case you don't know, raspberry canes have like....thorns)
I start yelling "OW! I'm in raspberry canes! OW!!!", peeing all over the place, yelling some more, "OWWWW! OWWWW!", then fell down into the canes "OWWWW!!!!" ...looked around the bush and Lynne and Beth are bent over in the road, hysterical.
Yeah. Thanks guys.

Saturday night, jamming to the Swinging Orangutangs, I heard Mary say that she didn't know how to "shake her shimmy" (i.e. jiggle the "girls", if you know what I'm sayin').
I was feeling loose enough to show her, bending over a bit and "shaking my shimmy"...
not realizing that I was "shaking my shimmy" right in the face of Jeff Gordon's MOM. (She's a lovely woman, by the way)...
I finally realized what I was doing, and I bent down to apologize to her. She said, "Oh, that's okay. I've seen worse."

In case you are thinking about migrating with The Flock next year to the wild, beautiful Heaven that is West Virginia, I warn you...
You will have the time of your life.
You will wet your pants with laughter.
You will see birds everywhere you turn.
You will be treated like family.
You will cry when you have to leave.
You will want to come every year thereafter.

(Photographing the Stone Chicken)


Stacy said...

"embrace your inner sheep"...

I can't even begin to describe how wonderfully hilarious this is. Just make sure when you do embrace your inner sheep you are at the edge of a cliff; they push back harder.

that's all i'm sayin; so run off & shimmy all you gotz hot mamas! The sheeps will be a waitin...

Beth said...

hee, hee, hee....

can't stop laughing....stop lookin' at me!

hee, hee....


jalynn01 said...

May I ask, was the infamous 'raspberry' incident at the Meadows below the road the last night?? When Barb and I left our headlights caught sight of someone in an 'orange' jacket behind some bushes! If that was you ... then put your mind at ease, it was just two of the flock going home. We actually thought you were out there doing the other P word . . puking! I'll bet the Bird Festival had never seen the likes of the flock! Made life more than interesting.

KGMom said...

O - kay.
I need to learn to embrace my inner sheep.
I need to learn either to hold my pee, or grow a cast-iron butt.
I need to practice my shimmying.
And THEN I will be ready to go bird-spotting. Hmmmm.

Susan Gets Native said...

Everyone would be a birder if they hung out with us.

I'm looking at you....*EYES BIG AND WIDE*
hee hee hee hee

If you are joking, I'm gonna die.

A cast-iron butt would have come in handy...
Everyone should get to hang with the would never be the SAME. (And I mean that in a good way)

dAwN said...

LOL ..I might just join you gals next year...if it all works with our travels. Sounds wonderful, hysterical.crazy.
Guess who is still wearing his blogging button from the festival?
go to my blog and see!

Mary said...

OMG I remember embracing your inner sheep! LOL! But, I don't remember you peeing in the raspberry canes... Where was I?

And you are right, Beth is a Tickle Me Elmo kinda gal. I only needed to look her in the eyes for a mili-second :o)

Heather said...

OMG, your peeing in the raspberry canes story is a hoot!! Made me laugh out loud.

jalynn01 said...

Susan, I was NOT joking...we did see you behind a bush below the road...or atleast we thought it was you!! Is that good?

Susan Gets Native said...

As long as you didn't whip out your cameras and take pictures of my distressed Bee-Hind.

amarkonmywall said...

"Oh, that's okay, I've seen worse." LOL. This whole week/trip sounds as though it was just delightful and I'm loving linking around to reports. Thanks!

Jeff Gyr said...

No offense to your, "shimmy," which is completely bodacious, righteous, voluptuous, etc., but I'm certainly scratching my head trying to figure out *where* my Mom would, "have seen worse." The mind boggles.

Very sweet and funny post--thanks!


Susan Gets Native said...

My "shimmy" is blushing, young man.

Your mom was OSSUM. Taking all that craziness with style. Please hug her for me.