Thursday, January 29, 2009

The suckiness of ICE

So we are beginning to dig out of Ohio's Big Winter Storm.
Yesterday, after 3 to 5 inches of snow fell onto the INCH of ice and an older, 5 inch layer of snow, the sun came out. Like a cruel joke.
The birds were rolling in, with frantic darting of their eyes. Their natural food sources were buried. Every bird who landed in the crab apple tree slide down a few inches before being able to grasp the sucky ice-covered branch.

Shall we look at some ice?

Here we have an icy white-throated sparrow:
Icy White throated sparrow

And next is an icy white-breasted nuthatch:
Icy nuthatch

And an icy mockingbird. With ICE on his FACE!
Icy mockingbird

This cardinal doesn't look icy, but he was.
Close up icy cardinal

A day isn't complete without an icy robin butt:
Icy robin butt

Sure, the ice made the usual into pretty candy form,
Macro icy crabapple

and popsicles,
Icy perch

...and plain forms into works of art:
Icy branches

But in the end, it still sucks.


KGMom said...

Well, the ice may be sucky (and I do agree with you on this point) but it sure makes for pretty pictures.
Here's to spring thaw.

Kallen305 said...

LOL Susan, your frankness always makes me laugh because it is so refreshing and rare these days!!

I did see the ice on the cardinal and I do agree with you that ice does indeed suck! I had a goldfinch slide all the way down my shepard's hook this morning and I was going to go out there to save them but couldn't because of the sucky ice in my drive way.

Think spring, it will be here soon enough.

dAwN said...

LOL...The pictures are beautiful...but I am sure the birdies feel just the same way as you do...

Jayne said...

But your photos are magnificent and beautiful. :c)

John said...

Perhaps because I'm a political junkie, I originally read "ICE" as the acronym for "Immigration and Customs Enforcement." Silly me.

Nice photos. I notice that the mockingbird has ice on its tail as well as its face.

NCmountainwoman said...

I love the icy birds and beautiful tree limbs. Hope this stuff melts soon and I'm glad you have electricity. Keep your humor and stay warm.

bruss1510 said...

Stay warm and stay safe!


Mary said...

I wouldn't complain too much. Look at the beauty of it all, Susan! I'd have a field day at your house.

mon@rch said...

Stunning photos and glad the birdies look alright with the ice!

KatDoc said...

Ice and snow are beautiful. Ice and snow means I got a day off work and brings more birds to my yard. Ice and snow is part of winter in Ohio.

See your glass as half-full, Susan, not half-empty, and smile: It is only 2 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days till New River!


Mel said...

Hola Susan,

I'm not familiar with ice or snow, so, I really can't comment on that...

Poor birds, they do look a bit frozen :S

I'm sending you some sunshine from this side of the world!


dguzman said...

Ugh--ice is sooooo sucky! But your pics are nice.

Kathiesbirds said...

Beautiful ice but awfully hard on the birds! You got some great shots! I think I saw ice on that cardinal's beak, eihter that or its breath was freezing!