Thursday, January 08, 2009

It's fun to stay at the Y M C A .......

We joined the local YMCA as a Christmas gift for the girls, and one of the perks of a Y membership is all the classes they offer.
Both the girls are in a swimming class, and Lorelei for the first time is taking a dance class....Ballet/Tap/Jazz.
There was a scheduling snafu on Tuesday, so Lorelei took a make-up class today so she isn't behind.
Since the child dances every waking hour of her life, I knew she would do well. I was surprised at just how well she did.

There's natural grace there, but also a desperate need for more balance. You'd think, with that dinky, Italian-shaped body and its low center of gravity, she would be more stable. Like a Weeble-Wobble. But she does need to practice on keeping herself righted.

Ballet 3

After warming up, the teacher led them through a series of "Graceful" exercises, some pantomimes like putting on rings, and make up and doing up their hair.
Ballet 2

A chorus line
A chorus line!

During the hour-long class, I went to get my membership card's photo taken (UGH) and wandering around the Y....

Found this:
Knitting group
Look, Ruthie and Trixie! A knitting group!
(Where the Heck is Trixie, by the way?)

I saw this poster and immediately thought of some of my...ahem...more mature blogger friends:
Older Americans day
May is "Older American" Month?
Huh. Who knew?

I have two days down on my Marathon Week, tomorrow's the last day.
While bringing the birds back yesterday, I was behind this goofy vehicle:
Some people are just asking to be slapped
Read the names of the kids and the dog......

You know, some people are just begging to be slapped right in their heads.


Mary said...

I'm still laughing! Stupid people! I registered a student today with the name "Dusty Furr". Come on!

Don't worry about Lorelei's center of gravity. She's a star. Nothin' will stop her now!!!!

Let's hear about swimming one day. I miss it.

KGMom said...

Gosh--I don't know if I should sigh in remembrance of our family days at the Y--kids taking swimming, etc.
If I should say--YES--we olders folks get our own month. Damn straight--we deserve it.

Jayne said...

How cute to see them dancing away! As far as the nameees on the caree, deliveree meee.

nina said...

Did I miss your b-day, Susan?!
(oops, sorry, asleep at the wheel would be me!)
Hope it was a happy one!

But you have many happy memories to expect in your future. We were members of our YMCA (Countryside) for years, the girls swam as "Torpedoes",, in that "older" group, I suppose, grudgingly.

Anonymous said...

Those munchkin dance photos brought back memories. Ruthie eventually dropped dance class -- it was too hard when she was in first grade . . .all day school and dance after .. . . she'd fall asleep in the car and I wouldn't be able to wake her up to go dance. Poor munchkin.

What fun. And, I totally agree with you about the sticker family people that always seem to live on the backs of minivans and SUVs. It's an odd phenomenon.

NCmountainwoman said...

Aren't you glad that woman is not your neighbor?

You bring back so many memories of the Y. Our kids completed all the steps in the swimming progression at the Y. We still have their cards, starting with tadpole.

Love the little Dancing Queen!

KatDoc said...

If I was BayLEE, I would bite my people. I'm afraid JilLEE will grow up to be a serial killer.

The worst name I have ever seen was


This is pronounced "Ladasha," as in:


Yeah. Really. No kidding.

amarkonmywall said...

Oh, happee day! I would slap them for you just because there are way too many "ees" in terms of planetary comfort. The names are the icing on the cake.

Now- I love that dancing girl. She's cute as cute can be and it also brings back wonderful memories of my daughter's childhood in ballet classes. So, will you join the knitting group?

bruss1510 said...

Waiiiitttt a minute....who you callin' old?

Beth (feelin' old, lookin' old, bein' old!)

Owlman said...

Should be a motivation poster:
"Some people are just begging to be slapped right in their heads".

RuthieJ said...

I'll have to check my local "Y" to see if they have a discounted membership rate if I join in May AND bring my own knitting needles.

Mel said...


BTW, Lorelai does look excited with the dancing! She'll do GREAT!

dguzman said...

It's times like that--when I see some idiot in a car--that I wish I had my James-Bond-mobile, complete with stupid-seeking missiles, fired by pressing the Pontiac logo on my steering wheel. kaBLAMMO!

Beth said...

Okay, I just have to respond. The Y pics are cute. You know I'm kinda/sorta into the bird thing, but not really, but I love ya anyway.

But with that final photo and the head-slapping comment, I gotta tell you about my ex's family.

He was the oldest boy of seven kids.

The parents are Ronnie and Oma Lee.

The kids are - in order:


And don't make me tell you their middle names. But they are all some form of Gene - as in Elgene, Eulgene, Gene, Eugene. Etc. Except the girls, who are Lee and Bee.

I'm not kidding.