Monday, September 08, 2008

You light up my life

The light outside has been fantastic lately. Everything looks better:

bugs milkweed
The milkweed is blowing out its seeds, but the bugs are holding on.
The nut sedge is glowing like a caution light. I love all of my's sprouting up everywhere, as I was warned it would do. But I don't mind. It has more personality than the regular grass.
My new prairie flowers
I sure don't remember planting this in the prairie, but here it is. The plants are taller than me, and I see bunches of it all along the roadsides around here. Another DYF.
Lake at Oxbow
One of the lakes at the Oxbow...a nice bird walk with only a few birds. I didn't care.
dogs apples
Forgive the dog butts here...
Our neighbors have big old apple trees that hang over our prairie and from the looks of some of the fallen apples, critters have been partaking.
Bailey has a deep thought
Bailey (having a very important thought)
Even when the light becomes slightly diffused by clouds, there is still light to behold:
Isabelle holds a common buckeye
After trying for 20 minutes, Isabelle finally got a common buckeye to alight on her finger.
Look at her little mouth hanging open.

Photo by Isabelle, of a fly on Mom's impatiens:
fly impatiens

Can I brag for a minute? Thanks.

At the beginning of the school year, Isabelle was tested in reading. We got some nice reports from the school...
Isabelle is in the first grade. But she is reading at a THIRD grade, sixth month level. It was suggested that we offer her books that are appropriate for FOURTH graders to challenge her and keep her skills growing.
Our baby. Ahead two and a half reading levels.
You may now congratulate us on our excellent genes and parenting skills.

: )


Kitt said...

What a nice day! And nice news about your little bookworm. Reading well has so many rewards!

Kyle said...

Congratulations indeed! We have one who (like her parental units) absolutely loves to read. And one who does it just fine when required, but would rather do just about anything else in the world. (His thing is math, at this point. Oh, and looking for bugs with Dad!)

NatureWoman said...

I'm loving the outdoors this time of year, too! And congratulations on your genes and parenting skills!!

Cindie U. said...

Do you have any idea what the orange & black bugs are on the milkweed? They are all over mine. I've been watching them for about three weeks now. They grow very fast.

dguzman said...

Way to pass on the good genes! And thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us.

Mary said...

So much beauty and so much to celebrate. Congratulations to you and Isabelle. I'm not surprised at her progress at all. You and Geoff done good.

KatDoc said...

Cindie U: the bugs on your milkweed are - wait for it - Milkweed Bugs. No, really, that's what they are called. There are two different types - the larger one is called Large Milkweed Bug and the smaller one is Small Milkweed Bug. Really.

Sometimes, the names actually make sense.



'Scuse me for butting in, Susan. And your children are great little people!

RuthieJ said...

Congratulations to Susan & Geoff--I can tell you're more than a little bit proud!
P.S. Great pictures in this post too.