Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hodge-podge and a convicted sex offender at the end

Yesterday, I was on the phone with Trixie, discussing things like beading, Sarah Pahlin and sick kids. I saw a raptor-shaped flash out in the backyard. I stood up, and there was a red-shouldered hawk on the fence by the prairie:
"Trixie...there's a red-shouldered hawk in my yard."
"Omigod, really????"
RSHA by the prairie

Haven't seen too much raptor activity this summer. The appearances are cyclic.
No bands on this guy.
RSHA on Leos house

And then Trixie had to one-up me by talking about the northern harrier hanging out at her house.

Isabelle likes to bead whenever I have my beading stuff out. She made a necklace and a bracelet for two of her classmates:
Isabelle beading
I gave her the planning tray so she could see what the finished project would look like. She did alternating red and purple beads, and it took her almost an hour to string them all. It was perfect. Lorelei's more of a wide-variety jewelry designer.

While waiting for the school bus, I was bored and shooting macro shots of the street. I was pleasantly surprised at the texture hidden there:

Macro street
Each of these stones are about 1 centimeter wide. A tiny wave of rose quartz, diminutive flecks of blue. Beauty is all around us and we just have to stop and look around once in a while (I think that's a Ferris Bueller reference).

As the bus was arriving, a four-leaf clover peeked out from the weeds growing around the storm drain:
four leaf clover
I've read that scientists have isolated the gene that makes a clover grow four leaves, so finding one is not so lucky anymore. Who cares. I found it on our anniversary, so I pressed it and put it in a bag with the date. When we are old and in the Home, we can read the bag and reminisce.

We have been watching this grasshopper in the prairie for a few weeks. Always on the same plant, not too interested that we are near:
Hooper and the giant grasshopper
The biggest grasshopper in the world. See? It's as big as Hooper!

I had a great program today at a retirement village near RAPTOR. About 100 seniors, which is a nice change from cute little rugrats. I can pull out different jokes with adults.
Storm was fiery as a firecracker, as usual.
Storm purple eyes
But he's also very patriotic.

Now the bad story:
I was just telling Geoff about this nice lady I met while waiting for Isabelle's bus. Lorelei and I had both the dogs with us, and as this lady was getting out of her car, her dog got out too and did her business in their yard. Nellie is usually mildly interested in other dogs, but Hooper does his big loud YODEL and dances on his hind feet and paws the air with his front feet.
This attracted the attention of the nice lady and her daughter, so they came over. Adorable little three-year old (hearing to brush off some of my sign language skills on her).
So I was telling Geoff this nice story, and he laid this one on me...
While doing a story about types of neighbors for one of his magazines, he came across this website (I've searched stuff like this before, but it's been years.)
Family Watch Dog.
And there's a convicted sex offender living one street away. He's 21, and while it doesn't go into gross details, it says "sexual conduct with a minor" which sounds like he was maybe dating someone underage, like a seventeen-year old? I know they specify if the victim is under the age of 13....but still.
We looked further and there are a disturbing number of sex offenders in the area (like, more than ZERO!) A few old nasty-looking crackers convicted of "illegal use of Minor in Nudity-Oriented material or performance", and a strange-looking little woman living near Lorelei's school.... convicted of RAPE.
What. The. Hell.

I've shot this otherwise nice post all to Hell and back, but there ya go.


KatDoc said...

Hwy, RAPTOR-chick:

I saw 3 Red-shouldereds today, and 1 yesterday. (One of today's birds was probably the same one I saw last night.) Is there some kind of RS-hawk convention going on in town that I'm not aware of?

DON'T look up sex offenders in your neighborhood. I did it once and was TOTALLY creeped out by how many of 'em live near me. Ugh!


KatDoc said...

Um, that first word should have been "Hey." Tired fingers.


Mary said...

The Cooper's is back at my house! I am soooo glad. I need him.

Hey, they're everywhere (nasty offenders)... No one can be trusted.

Trixie said...

I did not mean to "one up," I never, never, never see RS hawks at my house. I just thought we were talking raptors!

And Safety Tom is all over that stuff. He never trusts anyone with the kids.

Gizmo said...

Isn't sexual conduct with a minor a little more than dating? Yikes. Well I feel your anxiety, we have a few around here.
I am giving away 5 MP3 players at my Tech blog. Come on over and enter. It will take you less than a minute.

RuthieJ said...

Another worry for parents.....What's this world coming to? (shaking my head and sighing).
Did you have to hang up on Trixie to snap that RS Hawk picture? That would be exciting for me too.

dguzman said...

Wow, dude--way to wreck the feel-good vibe! I used to look at that stuff in the Fort Worth newspaper all the time, but now I just prefer to live in ignorant bliss. Still--a friend told me that EVERYONE at this little pizza place I really like was on the offender list! So now I don't go there anymore. Freaky.