Wednesday, September 17, 2008

With this ring, and seventy-mile an hour winds, I thee wed

Well, halleluia, the power came back on today.

I have a few hundred pictures from this weekend and the four days we were in the dark.
Let's start with the coolest wedding I have ever been to.

I have to say, Rachel (My new Sister-in-law) has class. And good taste.
The Wilds is a conservation organization of grand scope. Being an animal advocate (and birder...she knows the difference between an indigo bunting and a blue grosbeak, know what I'm sayin?), the Wilds was a perfect place for her and Kevin to begin their lives together.

The wind was unbelievable. From what I heard, the gusts were at 70 mph. I'm surprised we all didn't end up in West Virginia.


The flower girls were beautiful, of course:



And the best man was pretty hot:

Rachel was aglow:
The groom was grinning from ear to ear:
(I kept seeing a turkey vulture over the pastor's shoulder and tried to get a photo, but it was too windy...wouldn't that have been perfect?)


Next...a visit with JZ.


Lynne said...

The flower girls were so lovely. Did you get a tear?

Julie Zickefoose said...

There is no place in Ohio that gets stronger winds than The Wilds--it's up high and there's nothing to stop it...we were at a paw paw festival in Albany OH that Sunday and all the vendors were blowing into Lake Snowden. My gosh! I can only imagine...were the chairs blowing away? Everyone will remember the wind, that's for sure.
So glad you have power and are finally able to settle into something resembling normalcy. Unleash the Baker!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing setting for a wedding. Every place here is so woodsy; it's great to see such an open vista for the ceremony.

I imagine Julie is right -- everyone will remember the wind. Your family looks so handsome. Show us a picture of you with your necklace! (or did you have the photographer's curse of being the one to take all the pictures, so none was taken of you?) ;)

Wayne, PA

Mary said...

The flower girls are lovely :o)

It was a beautiful day, for sure! But that wind would have been a very bad thing for me. My hair can't take it.

dguzman said...

Glad you all made it through the big blow.

NatureWoman said...

Nice wedding, even though it was extremely windy!! Your daughters are so beautiful!