Monday, September 15, 2008

I've just flown in from Zanesville and boy are my arms tired.

Hello everyone!
I'm accessing my blog via a local library, because:
A. We have no power at the house.
B. We have no Internet at the house.
Remnants of Hurricane Ike pushed through Ohio yesterday (and nearly pushed us off the face of the Earth, too). Over half a million people are without power and it may be 3 to 5 days until it's back.

I have SO much to share....and I don't know when I might be able to do that!
I do have a few photos on this lap top I can put in....just for a tease:

1. Looking up at Julie, carrying Chet down from the Birding Tower:

2. Chet devouring the "Bad Kitty" toy I brought for him:

I only took about 300 pictures this weekend. Most of them are of Chet.
(Oh, and there was this wedding we were at, too.)
More to come, when the power is up!


Mary said...

Susan! Can't wait to see. Hang in there... I heard Kathi got hit, too.

Sorry... but happy you had a great time!

Owlman said...

I'm glad you're ok - hopefully power is restored soon!

KatDoc said...

Hey SGN fans, I talked to Geoff this evening and Susan's power is back on. She is out and about, so hopefully, she will post tonight and give us all the scoop.