Friday, August 29, 2008

Need something to do this weekend?

Sure, there are picnics to be had, grills to fire up one last time, fireworks to "ooh and ahh" over.

But if you are looking for something different to do this Labor Day weekend, come and visit some of the lovely Hamilton County Parks.
Every Labor Day weekend, the Parks and RAPTOR, Inc. team up to give three days of birds of prey presentations. The Parks bring some of their birds, we bring some of ours. No repeats!

: )
Saturday: Mitchell Memorial Forest, 12 pm-4 pm (I will be there!)

Sunday: Shawnee Lookout, 12 pm-4 pm (Marc and Cindy will be doing this one)

Monday: Farbach-Werner, 12 pm-4 pm (I will be there, too!)

Come take a walk in a shady forest, meet some of our birds and learn more about these fantastic creatures.
I think the coolest thing ever would be for someone I've never heard of, to come up to me and whisper, "I read your blog."

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NatureWoman said...

This sounds VERY cool, Susan!! I hope somebody comes up to you and says that to you!