Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's enough to make ya puke.

The optimistic outlook around here is getting sort of sickening.
I've been acting a bit like Patty Simcox from Grease. You know the one who's all teeth and like, "Call me!".

There's so much to look forward to: Florida with my family. Cape May. Summer camp for the girls starting on Monday.

The only smudge in my clean and bright sky is my car. I took it in yesterday, and they had to order a part for the AC (the body control module, a thingy that runs the accessories) and they told me it would be Monday before I could get it back, because it's on an exchange program and they have to pull the old one and send it in. Dammit.
Then they call today and cheered me up for 10 seconds, with news that the part came in today. BUT. The AC still isn't really working. The compressor isn't kicking on. And they attempted to sell me a new one. I got all huffy and told the dude in no uncertain terms that I knew it wasn't the compressor that's the problem. So they are going to look for leaks, though I am dubious as to what that will prove. The thing is, the AC works sometimes. It's getting it to switch on that's the problem. So it's still gonna be Monday. Dammit, Janet. (If you get that reference, I will be so proud of you.)
And I seem to be on a self-improvement plan.

I started hitting the tanning bed (which is way nicer than I remember it...instead of laying there cooking like a hot dog in a microwave for 25 minutes, they can zap you in 12).

I finally got some God-awful frizzed hair whacked off my head today (I'm all curly-springy now!).

I made a conscious decision to not eat meat at least 3 days a week.

I finally visited a dentist and got my teeth cleaned (it's been 5 long, stain-filled years...I have had the three most nightmarish dentists on the planet, but this one is all about gentleness and DRUGS). Of course, we may need to take out a second on the house to pay for the two fillings and two crowns and IV sedation to take care of the rest.

I'm not even taking my anti-depressants anymore. About a month and a half ago, I forgot to take a few doses. Then, a few days later, I forgot again (I think it was a subconscious thing, since I had begun to resent them). I realized that I was halving my dose, so I halved it again, and eventually I wasn't taking any. After about 16 years of not really being me, the meds gave some of me back. But I got to the point where I was angry that I needed freakin' pills to be a normal person.
So this is me. UNLEADED.

I'm all chipper and effervescent and mildly annoying. But in a good way, I think.

"What the Hell is up with you?"


KatDoc said...

I get the "Dammit, Janet" reference.

And, I can "Time Warp," too!

So, if your AC module is on the exchange program, does that mean that it goes to Europe for the summer while you get a Serbian air conditioner?


Susan Gets Native said...

Kathi, when did you start channeling the Swami?

Cincy Barb said...

Now get some proper fitting clothes and count carbs and exercise. I'd like to see you alive and well in the next 20 years.

The Swami said...

Channel....Swami...?? What network am I on?
Do I have my own series or am I just a summer replacement?

Susan Gets Native said...

You don't have your own have your own PLANET.

Cincy Barb:
Um. Excuse me?

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

It's just a jump to the left...

I had a doctor prescribe antidepressants a few times. You know what? They depressed me. Come to find out I was just really pissed about the hand life had dealt me, so I dealt with it my own way instead. Things got better, gradually.

But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane.

LauraHinNJ said...

Um... I'm not following the comments here AT ALL, but I'm glad to hear you're all happy and chipper without the meds. Be careful, though, of too much Starbucks. I think that might really put you over the top!

(I'm in for Cape May, btw, just haven't got round to answering that email yet.)

Anonymous said...

Of *COURSE* I got that reference, puhlease! Denton! Denton! Rah! Rah! Rah!

I only needed anti-depressants for about a year myself. Some people need them long term and some people need them to knock them out of a depression. The key is to have someone you TRUST to be honest who will tell you if you need to go back on them. Someone you will BELIEVE! I had a coworker who told me she was going to stop taking her antidepressants. I looked at her in horror. I explained, as kindly as I could, that she clearly didn't remember what her life was like before the anti-depressants when she cried EVERY SINGLE DAY in our office. There were days when it wasn't safe to ask, "How are you?" first thing in the morning because she'd cry all day. She listened to me and stayed on them. For me, I went off them and put my sister and sister-in-law on alert -- if I got depressed again -- TELL ME! So, that's my advice.

Kitt said...

Bummer about the AC, but yay for less meds except for the dentist's!

I quit going for a long time, too, and the year I came back it cost me $9,000. BUT! That included valium, novocaine and laughing gas. And a gift certificate for a massage when I was all done.

I heart my dentist.

Dave said...

I turned my ac on for the first time this summer yesterday when it got up to 72°.

I'm getting prepared for normal Susan.

Trixie said...

Sorry about your a/c. Cincy without it could be a bit sweaty! At least for me.

Yippy on the optimism.

Happy Fourth!

KatDoc said...


You are obviously too young or too normal to have experienced "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." I will find a video and bring it to Cape May with me.


I am not a Swami, but I play one on TV.


You are irreplaceable.

~K, who doesn't get the Swami Channel on her satellite system

NatureWoman said...

Dammit, Susan, this is all great news for you! You rock on girlfriend!!

Mary said...

Gimme some of them kick-ass vibes. I need 'em right now :o)

Big hugs and smiles for you, Susan! You are ON, girl!

Cincy Barb said...

I've gone off my anti-depressant meds too so I am feeling a bit snarky now and just telling you what your friends wont.

Mel said...

I like non-pill-filled Susan :)
I quit on them too a couple of years ago.
Birds make me happy. I found my pills in nature now :)

p.s. BTW, dropped somthing in the post office yesterday... hope it makes it there soon :)