Tuesday, July 01, 2008

If you can't laugh at yourself, everyone else will

Saturday. Chilo Lock #34 Park. RAPTOR program.
Kathi was there, and took pictures, but she said most of hers were pretty bad. She was right.
Keith, the naturalist at the park, took some photos....I don't even know why I am sharing them with the blogging world. Maybe because I am watching "A Clockwork Orange". That movie does tend to make one a bit barking mad.

Barred Owl
This one of the barred owl, was just about perfect. But it's not the birds that made me howl.

It was the expressions on my face that I had to share.
It's like once he started shooting, he caught Every. Single. Goof ball. Look. On. My. Face.

Beating my chest like King Kong
Why was I beating my chest like King Kong?

And for some reason, I had a "TA-DA!!!!!" moment:
Ta Da What the Hell

And I guess in a former life, I was a back-up singer:
"Wooo....What you want....Baby, I got it....Wooo....What you need....."

This one is kind of cute. A flycatcher of some kind was right above our heads, pissed off that Lucy was in the area, and was cussing her out. I was trying to point it out to the audience:
Lucy checks out the flycatcher
The audience loved watching Lucy watch the flycatcher. It's always interesting to see one of our birds doing something....birdlike. And Lucy and I are sort of mirror-images of each other.

What the Hell is up with my face
W T F ?

My favorite of the bunch...I think it shows just how I feel about doing programs. Happy, relaxed, and at home.
God, I love what I do. Even if I look like a maniac sometimes.


egretsnest said...

I LOVE watching you do what you do! It is so cool! You look so happy. The pictures of you and Lucy looking at the flycatcher are priceless.

KatDoc said...

OK, I thought it was just me, but Keith caught all the same expressions I did. His photos are just better lit than mine!

Seriously, I think the still shots look funny because you are having such a good time and being so animated and entertaining when you talk. In person, you don't look goofy at all. Maybe you need a video.

If you want "formal" photos of you with the birds, you will have to pose without talking. But, they won't look like "Susan."


Lynne said...

I'm guessing you are an expressive talker to begin with and most people become even more expressive when talking to a crowd. I NEED to see you do your Raptor thang some day.
That last picture of you- is beautiful.

NCmountainwoman said...

I love the photos. You and the birds are so expressive. It's clear all of you love your jobs.

NatureWoman said...

I wanna see you in person!! You look like you're a great educator! How about a video of you doing one of your programs sometime??

KGMom said...

Susan--I think it's great that someone taking stills of you doing a presentation gets an ANIMATED presenter. The things you are able to teach--just wonderful.
Seriously, if there were more people like you teaching respect for birds in general, raptors in particular, maybe we wouldn't be as messed up as we are.

mon@rch said...

I couldn't think of anyone else that I would want to see a raptor program from! When are you doing a show near where I live? ?

Joy said...

I think I would be thrilled to be at one of your demostrations.

Windyridge said...

You're a hoot. Ok that was lame.
You are very lucky to enjoy your job.
I am concentrating on learning bird songs so that I can identify who is in the neighborhood even though often I can't see them. And when trying to find a particular species that I suspect is in the woods, I call them out with my tape recorder. They practically fly into my face. It's fun.

dguzman said...

Hey, I bet no one gets bored during your lively presentations!

Owlman said...

It's awesome to see someone so into what they do. The photos are a HOOT! At least you have enough hair to be wind swept ;-)

RuthieJ said...

You're too hard on yourself Girlfriend! Those photos are great and I can tell how much you're enjoying being there to share your "raptor love."