Saturday, April 12, 2008

We have a weiner! (Well, two of them)

Okay, the winners of the Make Me Laugh Contest:
Kitt and Mel made me laugh the most...Email me ( your snail-mail addresses and your two top choices of jewelry. If you guys pick the same thing, I will toss a coin.

I thought I had this big mystery today at Crooked Run Estuary...
After walking the trails, I started back to my car and saw this stuff:

Crime scene at mystery nest
Huh. That looks like nesting material. Oooooh....and a lot of feathers stuck in the pine needles, no longer attached to a bird. Must have been plucked from the nest along with the mama bird.
Cooper's attack.
mystery nest
I bent the branch way down and did some Chimping...mud, twigs and a perfect round cup.
With two cold, bluish-green eggs....large eggs.

Big blue green eggs
I didn't know exactly what bird they came out of (I can't ever figure out bird eggs, unless there is an adult bird sitting on them), but by process of elimination (nest is in a tree, made of mud and twigs, loose feathers were gray and rufus-colored) I decided it was a robin...who is now being digested by a Coop.


Kitt said...

Hey cool! Thanks! Nice to get some good of my embarrassment.

Love your beading, and I think the flowery bracelet is very cute, which is why I went ahead and laid bare my secret shame.

Email incoming.

Kitt said...

Oh, and so sad to see the eggs that will never become robins. But maybe there are some baby hawks out there getting big and strong because of it.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby eggs. Nice example of Robin's egg blue, however! :) Congrats to your embarrassed winners (weiners!?!) -- they will be amply rewarded for their bravery!

KatDoc said...

Definitely robin; the mud in the nest is a good indicator and not many birds have deep blue eggs like those. Wood Thrush nests and eggs are similar, but it is too early for them. Catbird nests are messier and their eggs are darker in color. I have the greatest book on nests and eggs; I should show it to you some time.

I can't beLIEVE you were at Crooked Run Sat. I was off work and could have met you there!


Mary said...

Congrats to the weiners!

Damned Coop. Can't it see the difference between a Robin and a House Sparrow?

Anonymous said...

Poor Robin! Shame on Coop for eating a native.

LauraHinNJ said...

Poor thing. Poor eggs. Happy, well-fed Coop.

Elaine @ floridabirder said...

Why do you expect that it was a Cooper's. Why not a red-tailed or a sharp-shinned?

Poor robin, bad raptor, whichever you are. :)

RuthieJ said...

I had a robin build a nest last year way out on the edge of an evergreen like that. Mrs. Robin was OK, but the eggs didn't fare well.... I noticed a squirrel raiding the nest and even though Mrs. Robin tried laying eggs again, the nest was too exposed to be successful. The majority of robin nests I manage to find are built way inside the evergreen--close to the trunk. They sure build a nice nest though, don't they?

Mel said...

First, yippieeee, thanks!

Second, sad news about that nest :(
What will happen to the eggs now?