Monday, April 07, 2008

The Rebuttal and a video

See why I adore Laura? She seems rather sedate on her blog most of the time, but she can be feisty when she wants to.

I've thought about what makes a "mid-Western girl", but that's too broad of an area to define within a blog post. Then I thought about just Indiana, where I'm from originally. And I thought of Cincinnati, where I live now.
Indiana: Corn, the Indy 500....
Famous people born there include James Dean, Anne Baxter, Michael Jackson (yuck), Kurt Vonnegut, John Cougar Mellencamp, Colonel Sanders, Jim Davis (creator of Garfield), Bill Blass, Carole Lombard, Steve McQueen, Red Skelton, Twyla Tharp, Larry Byrd, Shelley Long, Jimmy Hoffa, David Letterman and Wilbur Wright (as in the Wright brothers).
How can you lump all those people into one group? Well, you can't.
Cincinnati is just way too diverse to lump everyone in, too.

I have been in my life a child, a wild teen, a confused young adult, a fast-food worker, a phlebotomist, a wife, a mother, an educator and a birder. What does that have to do with where I'm from? Nothing. And everything.
I posted the Jersey Girl post because it was a funny story...and to show that a simple state law can make a scene eminently blog-worthy. And Laura made me laugh so hard...I'm glad she's my friend.
The way I see myself and the moral to this story?
I am an enigma, set against the ether of stereotype. : )

Now let's listen to a masterpiece of syrinx-dom....the vast repertoire of a mockingbird:


LauraHinNJ said...

I hope you know I was just teasing you, Susan. Just a little!

(To be honest, I'd wanted to do a Jersey girl post for a while and needed an excuse.) Thanks!

You can pick on me all you like. Honest. Glad to be able to make you laugh some.


Are your mockers singing already?

The Swami said...

What is "syrinx-dom?" On Google it only brings up your blog.

I have high hopes that it is NOT a dominatrix with a syringe.

ncmountainwoman said...

And we love the enigma that you are. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, "With Susan you never know what you're going to get." But like a box of chocolates, it's always going to be good.

Thanks for sharing your world with us.

Susan Gets Native said...

Glad I could help you out. I know you were just kidding me...but that story was just too funny to pass up.

A syrinx is a bird's "voice box".

I say the same thing about screech owl never know what color chicks you will get. (A red couple could have gray babies, or a gray and brown couple can have red and gray babies...or brown and red babies...etc)