Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A post without birds

Migrants are flying in all over the state, but I haven't had the opportunity to go see any.
My time has been spent doing all those boring yet necessary things that keep me from birding: Parenting, programs and sleeping. Well, programs aren't boring, but it does tend to cut into my prime birding time.

Some pics from the past few days:

The Kroger ensemble
She insisted on wearing this daring ensemble to the grocery store. A high-end dress from an uppity boutique, with red rubber boots. Well, could I argue with that?

The accidental redbud in the yard is in full bloom. This is "accidental" because it looks like the previous owners of our house found this growing along the property line and bracketed it with boards. We almost chopped it down years ago, but we stopped when we saw tiny buds. A dogwood is right next to it, also bracketed by boards. Two of only a few native plants that existed when we bought the place.

When I showed Isabelle how close the chipping sparrows allow us to get, she devised a plan:
Isabelle pretends to be a tree
...she disguised herself as a tree. (Holding dismembered honeysuckle branches)

While I was tearing out honeysuckle in a native-loving fit, she brought over a few new friends:
Baby centipedes on Isabelles finger
Baby centipedes. Great. Now put them back before Mommy has a seizure.

Wisteria ready to pop (and Nellie)
My wisteria, having sat there for 4 years, is almost ready to bloom. Last year, I got to enjoy a few blooms (strangely, in July) for about 12 hours before the flippin' Japanese beetles ate them.
(And Nellie sneaked into the photo, too)

The first tree I looked up in books and actually identified myself:
Hawthorn blooms
A hawthorn. I found it 2 years ago while tearing out the honeysuckle in a native-loving fit. It was covered by a huge patch of honeysuckle, and I might have torn it out too, but I got stuck by one of the thorns. The flowers are reminiscent of apple blossoms, and in the fall, are replaced by
golf-ball-sized fruits. I'm not going to hazard a guess as to what kind of hawthorn it is...there are a bazillion different species.

During a walk with Lorelei today at Kelley's Nature Preserve, we were treated to a carpet of wildflowers. (For a very nice, informative post on Ohio's native and non-native wildflowers living at the Cincinnati Nature Center, go see KatDoc here)

Wild blue phlox...a huge flower compared to the Creeping Phlox I planted in the flowerbed a few years ago.

Lorelei Kelleys Nature Preserve
It was nearly 80 degrees today. Sitting by the Little Miami was a pleasurable experience that even Lorelei couldn't find fault with.

The backyard interlopers:
Slug on dandelion
Slugs. Lots and LOTS of slugs. I'm not well-versed in slug ID's, but Ohio has both native and exotic types.
They seem to be enjoying the dandelions, so I can't complain. And I mean, they are on EVERY. Single. Dandelion.

Slug eye
Ever look a slug in the eye? There's intelligence there...I swear it.

Shy slug
This one is shy...."Blushing Slug". Sounds like a bad rock band.

Slug sings the blues
Just to make this picture more enjoyable, imagine this slug singing "Weekend in New England".

And for my Boston-philes out there:
I heart my boston!


KatDoc said...

Aawww, thanks for linking to my wildflower post. You're sweet!

More CNC in today's post, if I can ever get the freakin' photos to upload.


Sophia said...

Love the dress and the boots!

Dave said...

I think the lime green ones would have gone better with that dress. :)

NatureWoman said...

Where do I begin, the dress and the boots - priceless, Lorelei's camoflage - also priceless. Sorry, I don't like slugs. And glad to see you got out into the woods!

ncmountainwoman said...

I love the outfit. And I love the fact that you let her wear it to the store. There are far too many mothers who would have made this a battle. It may seem like a small thing, but it's a big step in fostering independence in your daughter. Way to go.

Mary said...

You slay me with your "Now put them back before Mommy has a seizure." LOL!

I will admit your slugs are much better looking than mine. I had a stupid Cocker Spaniel who ate them - and in MD they were the size of bananas.

Your camera sure does a great job on flowers!

Trixie said...

Yippy! Slugs! That was my mascot in college. Go, Banana Slugs!

Love those girls! The scheme with the branches, did that work for Isabelle. I am glad she thought that up. And Lorelei looks fabulous, as usual.

Mel said...

Lovely post!! The pics are just beautiful!!
The tree 'desguise' was just too cute! ;)