Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One weird bird

First: Lynne's sister passed away gently on Saturday. Please go to her blog and give her some Cyber-Hugs.
I wish I had stellar vulture pics for her, but I do have this one weird bird:

I had three programs today: Two at an elementary school (Every kid in the school....every single one) and one at a Cub Scout meeting. My voice is shot and my eyes are blood-shot.
The beginning of the day was actually at 1:00 am, with vocally-sparring barred owls (video tomorrow when I can stay awake long enough to upload them). As Geoff and I were getting Lorelei into the car to go to school, Geoff pointed out a bird on top of a tree..."Honey, that's a weird bird up there." I've learned to listen when GEOFFREY points out a bird. Remember when he found a barred owl in the yard for me?
This is the weird bird....

White mystery bird 1
At first, I thought I was looking at an escapee parrot or cocketiel. But the bill is straight.

White mystery bird 2
As far as I can tell, this is a leucistic tufted titmouse.

mystery bird 3
He or she sampled the catkins on the "whatever" tree and also the big maple.
Is that a weird bird or what? If anyone has any other ID thoughts, I would love to hear them.

Mommy-Brag: When Isabelle got home from school (and I had stopped in between programs) I showed her the pictures, and she said, without prompting from me, "That looks like a leucistic bird, Mommy. Maybe that's a titmouse? See the little crest?" I do love that kid.


Trixie said...

Miss Isabelle, what a smartie-party. Give her a big high five for me!

Get some sleep, darlin.

Kitt said...

I confess, when I saw the first photo I thought, "albino cardinal?"

You're teaching your daughter right.

egretsnest said...

I haven't a clue on the bird but I *know* your daughter rocks! I love me some smart kids! Wooo-hooo!

Mary said...

Go, Isabelle!

Honestly, my first thought was titmouse. Really, I'm not joking. Sometimes I surprise myself. Isabelle should be proud of me.

dguzman said...

I'm about like Mary--I thought, "huh, that's a titmouse body, but what's with the color!?" Cool photos! I'd freak out if such a titmouse came to my backyard!

Mel said...

Sorry to hear about Lynne's sister :(
Cool mystery bird ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, have you considered a
leucistic cedar waxwing? The third
photo really looks shaped like
one, and the tail even looks like
it is banded. Anyway, great shots!
Hap in New Hope