Monday, March 03, 2008

Hell hath no Susan without her camera

Okay, let me say all this first...
To answer questions from the comments:
My camera is a Canon Powershot 3IS.
Yes, the image stablization is on.
No, it doesn't have anything on the lens that allows for manual twiddling.
I know that policies are what they are. They have to be put in place so that everyone is protected, both the store and the customer. I'm sure that policies satisfy 99.9% of customers.


How much is a customer supposed to take?

I took my camera back tonight. But instead of them acknowledging that yes, the camera is still not fixed, and just handing over a replacement, they have to SEND IT BACK TO THE SERVICE CENTER AGAIN, to "validate" that it is not fixed. Are you kidding me? What makes them think that they can pull their heads out of their a**es long enough to figure out that they DIDN'T FIX IT? AGAIN?
So I have to wait 7 to 10 days for this stupid service center to look at it and say, "yep, that zoom is broken" and authorize a replacement.
I added up all the time that I have been without my camera because of these morons, and with this newest send-off, it is almost 2 months. That is just ridiculous.
Why not just give me my money back and let me go get a camera from a store that KNOWS HOW TO FIX ONE? That would not work at all, would it? That would mean a happier customer.
I demanded a manager. That didn't help. He was a very nice guy who didn't deserve the blasting I gave him (I apologized...and he said that he would be just as frustrated as me).

I left the store in tears. Now, I am NOT a crier. I tend to just get pissed off. But I hate to feel impotent and it just was too much to stand.

I had a full day of no snow, no go birding.
Did I get pictures? Well, sort of:
See that tiny brown bit in the middle? That's a singing eastern meadowlark. About 50 feet away. That camera should have been more than able to focus on an unobstructed bird, in full light. But to get a clearer shot, I DIDN'T zoom.
Hear that, Anonymous?

This is what happened when I pushed the zoom in closer...that slight yellow blob is the front of the meadowlark.
Yet again....I am without my camera. Did I actually pay for this service plan?
If I had it to do over again.....


Mary said...

This is just too much to take. I think you are holding up very well under these circumstances. I would have left the store in tears, too. I hope this is the last time you drop that camera off...

crazyforcinema said...

Susan, I think I would have been in tears long before you were pushed to them. Your camera is almost like another appendage in your life and to have to smack your head against a wall time and again is the worst kind of frustration.

I think someone mentioned in yesterday's message contacting the manufacturer. I think that would be a good suggestion. Canon is huge but it's possible they can help you. You might want to follow the same trail - start with the soldiers and if you don't get results, write to the president of Canon USA. After all, it's their product that is failing you. Good luck!

Beth in NYC

Lynne said...

Sorry Susan, this just STINKS. I know what your camera means to you.

Owlman said...

Just crazy. Dealing with terrible customer service is mind numbing because what you perceive as reality and logical is not. It always ends up with frustration and a feeling that you've been beating your head on a brick wall. I'm sorry to hear that it's happened to you again. Now it’s time for you to write to the CEO to share your frustration. I did that with a large impersonal chain and it actually paid dividends. Maybe you can write it as an open letter and post it on your blog - maybe that’ll get some attention from the big wigs.

Mel said...

I know the feeling.
Last year my precious camera was stolen in Buenos Aires, I can't afford anything right now (or anytime soon), so I walk around with a Sony Cibershot 7.1!

Cheer up, Susan :) you'll get your cam soon, all fixed and ready to take amazing pictures, I'll just have to settle with mine for a LONG time.

Incompetence and burocracy often trigger anger and frustration feelings, I totally understand your feelings, but hey, you are the smart one: SMILE thinking of the pictures and sights to come!

Hugs from Peru! :)


Susan said...

I hope you get this resolved soon - I sure would have liked to see that eastern meadowlark in focus - that would be a lifer for me.

David said...

You evidently are far from alone. The lens error problem seems to be widespread across Canon models and particularly in the model that came before yours. If you want to see comments from 100s of others who share your pain go to:
which has a link to report problems.
It's a site I found by Google search. It mentions the gathering of data for a possible class action suit. There are many reports of zoom problems as well as the lens error.

I had problems with a Canon camcorder that ate tapes. I found out online that this was a common problem. The best the company would do was give me a discount on other models. I now have a Sony camcorder.

I also have a Canon Powershot that got a cracked LCD for no apparent reason (possibly heat). I found lots of similar experiences on user forums. I like Canon equipment when it works and have Powershot SD630 that I haven't had any problems with.

Good luck. I always enjoy the blog.

Dave Wendelken

NatureWoman said...

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, this is NOT good! I wish they would just give you the blasted new camera now!

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks for the pep talks. I don't know if I have ever been this frustrated in my life.
Thanks for the link. I am definitely NOT alone. Seems an inherent flaw. And it also seems that Canon wouldn't be too helpful...I sure wouldn't want to pay for repairs, like lots of others have had to do.

Rurality said...

Did you pay for this with a credit card? If so, institute a charge-back. Right away, before it's too late!

Also, in future, the words, "give me a new (whatever) or I'm going to institute a chargeback!" really can work wonders. It costs the merchant when you make a chargeback (dispute the charge), and they usually try to avoid it.