Monday, March 24, 2008

It's gonna be random, so try to keep up

I've taken so many pictures over the past week I don't know where to begin.
If you would like to see the girls in their Easter finery, go to my Flickr home page and check them out.
Yesterday, aside from being Easter, was also Rita's (Swamette's) birthday.
Since I have become a beading fool I thought I would make her a neat, eclectic necklace:

Swamette's necklace
There are charms for both the girls, with their birthstones, and an "R", and I also made all the other charms by hand, thank you very much.

I have been meaning to post about our last day visiting with Trixie, but the flood and all that got in the way...
Lorelei and Vivi got to spend time together, and they helped Trixie's Mom make noodles from scratch:
Making noodles Vivi Lorelei
There was so much cuteness, I could hardly stand it.
Vivi mixing

rolling noodles
If Alaska were closer, these two would be very good friends. Why is Alaska so far away, I ask?

Trixie's Mom lives in a condo on a nice big lake, and it was amazing how many species it was attracting, given that this was a residential area:

Buffleheads! And not a mile away on the other side of a vast expanse of water. They were right there.

female kingfisher
A female belted kingfisher was scouting the area, too. Has anyone, anywhere, EVER gotten a good picture of a kingfisher????

ring necked duck
And a fine array of ring-necked ducks...this one was about to take a nap. Look at that amber eye. You don't get to see that when they are a mile away across a vast expanse of water.

Finally, a moment of repose for Nellie:

Nellie upside down

That's a lot of dog to turn upside down....

Nellie must learn to relax
And the lip is always loose and flappy. That's required.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I agree about the cuteness. Those girls are really beyond cute. The ducks and dog are great. Kingfishers are difficult approach. They don't trust anyone.

mon@rch said...

Great to see you guys had a great time with Trixie and kingfishers . . . ugg you have to be tricky with them! Someone somewhere must have gotten a good shot of them! Not me though!

The Swami said...

A couple of important questions:

Does an eclectic necklace require an extension cord?

If you eat noodles made from scratch, do you itch?

Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Swamette!

Love those buffleheads, Susan! Your camera is working well for you. And I've NEVER seen a good photo of a Belted Kingfisher - damned bird.

Hey, looking at your girls wearing their Easter outfits brought back memories of Easter morning and little kids looking so sweet. Gosh, they're cute :o)

dguzman said...

Nice pics with the new camera. And no, no one's ever gotten a good pic of a kingfisher.

Mel said...

The girls are so cute! It seems like they had a lot of fun cooking.
Your beading work is beautiful!