Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Variety is the spice of life

And Magee Marsh is very very spicy...
Just to show the different habitats there, here are some pictures from my trip in 2007, and I will let them speak for themselves:

Darn good pic of woodcock no 3
American of three I saw in the first 15 minutes on the boardwalk.

single ruddy turnstone
Ruddy turnstone

Baltimore oriole
Baltimore oriole

Black throated green
Black throated green

Eastern kingbird

great blue heron

Beaver 1
Yeah, there are mammals, too. Beaver!

And the scenery is the sunset over Lake Erie:

Sunset over Lake Erie

Note: I got my camera back today!
"My camera's back, and I'm gonna take some pictures...
Hey Lie, hey camera's back!"


nina said...

Magee Marsh....looking good on a chilly day...a short road trip up the pike...pretty birds...foot rubs..

Mary said...

Enticing bird shots...

Yea! Camera's back!

Anonymous said...

Great woodcock photo! That's a bird I have still yet to see.