Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What are you people, on DOPE????

We got three inches of snow and Lorelei's school was closed. As I have said before, Cincinnati is full of sissies. We got Isabelle ready for school (their schools are in different districts) and Geoff walked her to the bus stop. With it being 5 degrees, they didn't wait long. They walked back and Geoff drove her to school. When they got there, there were NO cars in the parking lot. Confused, they drove back. We checked the closings and the school was not listed. When we called the school, we were told that her school opens TOMORROW. We are on dope.

So for the second year in a row, my birthday didn't quite go the way I planned. Oh, well.

It was all of 5 degrees when I went out to do some quickie birding. And there's nothing very riveting to report....I did the "legal" trail around the PITS and saw:
Ring-necked ducks
American wigeons
Redheaded ducks
Pied-billed grebes
Ruddy ducks

Birding was better at home. I was close enough to see and photograph.

Four feeding
Even really looked at the size differences between cardinals, finches and sparrows?
(Female cardinal, two goldfinches and a white-throated sparrow)

Are we keeping you up
I'm sorry. Are we boring you?
(Narcoleptic MODO)

Yummy Zick Dough!
The little beggars went through TWO batches of Zick dough today. I'm running out of lard.

Single snowflake
A single snowflake... I don't know why, but looking at it makes me happy.

Happy Birthday to me.


Colleen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! HUGS on all the Cincy chaos. I remember Dad driving me to Oak Hills one time and got there, the black flag was flying, and no one was in the parking lot. Oops? And how do your kids wind up in different districts? That's sorta screwy.

HUGS HUGS and more Birthday hugs!!!I hope you enjoy being 29, I know I will, LOL>

LauraHinNJ said...

Happy Birthday Susan! I think maybe your gift came yesterday with that short-ear!


mon@rch said...

Happy Birthday Susan!! Don't worry the day after your birthday is always better! Too much expectations on the actual day!

Trixie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday. Here's wishing you some Skyline.


ps verficiation is alliavn
isn't that some kind of flu or perhaps some celtic name?

The Swami said...

If the snowflake looks a little too perfect, please note that under magnification, the lower right sextant of the snowflake has "Made in The People's Republic of China" etched on it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Birthday Susan. I hope you have some peace today...a belated birthday present from the school corp.

Lynne said...

Happyhappy birthday to youyouoyuuuu!!

Schools closed for 3 inches?? You guys ARE a bunch of wussies. Maybe today with the girls back in school birding will be better.

How old ARE you anyway?

Anonymous said...

happy b-day!!! I need to make myself some of that Zick Dough...

-Helena, whose being asked to type in yoyqesq

Mary said...

You are braver than I. We have wind chills in the teens here and you won't find me wandering around outside with a camera. No sir.

For your birthday, at least you had the pleasure of being with L and I :o)

Love that Modo!

Do snowflakes really look like that? Great shot!

Happy Birthday, Susan. Hard to believe I'm two milestones ahead of you :o/

NatureWoman said...

Happy Birthday Susan!!!

Shelly said...

Happy birthday! :) LMAO @ the narcoleptic modo, and I can't wait until you fill that huge tall tube feeder with birds! I'm rooting for ya!!

dguzman said...

Happy belated! that snowflake is perfect!

I'm with Lynne--3 inches is NOTHING! Penn State NEVER closes--once we got 18 inches and classes were not cancelled. Forget dopers--those guys are a-holes!

RuthieJ said...

Happy Birthday (late as usual) Susan!
It's cool to see all the birdies at your feeder (even that sleepy MODO)
The snowflake picture is the best!