Friday, January 04, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things....Movies, Songs and Blogger edition

MOVIES (Favorites, best lines, etc) :

A line from 2002's Kissing Jessica Stein:
"Why do you care so much?"
"Because you are an affront to all gay people, and I am a gay people."

Gone With the Wind....
I have it memorized. If you ever meet me, ask me to do a scene. Any scene.


A lyric that never fails to curl my toes: From Dan Fogelberg's Same Old Lang Syne...
I said the years had been a friend to her
And that her eyes were still as blue
But in those eyes I wasn't sure if I saw doubt or gratitude"... God, I love that. Why can't anyone say that to me?

Dig by Incubus:
We all have someone that digs at us,
At least we dig each other
So when sickness turns my ego up
I know you'll act as a clever medicine.
If I turn into another
Dig me up from under what is covering
The better part of me.
Sing this song!
Remind me that we'll always have each other
When everything else is gone.
(Toes curl up big time on that one, too)

Anything by Blue Oyster Cult. They may not have hit the mainstream (except for Don't Fear the Reaper) but they have a strong "cult" following.

And anything by KISS. Love 'em or hate 'em, they owned the world for a while.
I saw them in concert in Columbus once and I don't think I have ever had a better time at a concert. They know how to do it.
A guy fell for me just because I was the first girl he had met who liked KISS. He didn't have high standards.

Blogger's Best Bits:

When Laura rants.
Laura is such a graceful, classy lady. But when she's pissed, OH MY GOD is she funny.

When Julie "speaks" for Chet.
Mether. Bennehs. Gotta love that.
Oh! The time Chet ate a box of her tampons still cracks me up, no matter how many times I read it.

Jess Riley.
I can't get through one post of hers without nearly peeing on myself. She's got a gift, that one.

When Pam says "Be-otch".
Another lady of class who can swear with the best of 'em.

Lynne's OCD tendencies when it comes to getting all of us bloggers together. She was instrumental in the Cape May trip, although in the end she missed it. And now she's batting for the "Freeze your butt off in Minnesota in freakin' February" team.
And she loves turkey vultures. That makes me adore her even more. I like weird.

Liza has a thing for ravens.
Though we don't get too many ravens around here, every time I see a crow, I think of her.

What can we say about Mary that does her justice?
She's just lovely and hilarious and a joy. And can find the humor in just about anything.

Oh, there's so much more. But I'm too tired to go any further tonight.


egretsnest said...

And Susan is funny and clever and birds with her children and still loves them afterwards which is really amazing. And, she loves raptors and whenever I see a raptor, I think, "Damn! Susan would know what that is!" :)

Mary said...

You are little bit of all of us, wrapped into one loveable woman. You speak for us, too, when we might bite our tongues.

NatureWoman said...

"It ain't fittin' it just ain't fittin, it ain't fittin'" "I don't know nothing about birthin' no babies!" I so don't know if I have these right but 'Gone With the Wind' is one of my all time favorite movies!
And Blue Oyster Cult oh my, I have their songs on my iPod.
Hmmm, I haven't used Be-otch in a post in a while! A lady of class, why thank you Susan! As for you, I totally think of you whenever I see any bird of prey. In fact, I dreamt about owls last night (okay, what does *that* mean?)

Grace, Every Day said...

And you are ALWAYS insightful and funny and educational.

Rock on.

Anybody who has the guts to quote Fogelberg right alongside Incubus is a living tribute to diversity and all that's right with America...

ncmountainwoman said...

My favorite movie line is also from "Gone with the Wind." When Scarlett says she is going to ask for money to pay the taxes, one of the slaves says,
"Askin' ain't gettin'."
I've used the line countless times with the kids.

LauraHinNJ said...

Oh Susan, you're too kind! I like my rants, too, though. Yours are pretty fun also!

Trixie said...

I guess my slacking blogger ways have nixed me from the list...darn!

I will try, I swear I will try!

Just kidding...

dguzman said...

You're awesome. Oh my gosh, how did I miss this Zick/Chet nugget? I can't wait to follow this link....