Saturday, January 05, 2008

Jesus geese, hitchhiker ducks, GHO, coyotes, and long lost cousins

Why did I sign up to do a post every day??????

My day:
If it's raining iguanas, then a few levitating geese shouldn't be a big deal, right?
Levitating geese

These beggars live at Lake Isabella. I have become friends with these two mutt ducks and they almost got into my car today.
Give a duck or two a ride

A great horned owl nest coming soon to a location near me!
This can has been in use for quite a few years at Lake Isabella, and I watched them for a month last year. The female began sitting on January 16, but on February 11-12, we had a huge ice storm and she disappeared (either the eggs froze, or she had to abandon the nest to find food because the male may have died, who knows). Hopefully, they will be more successful this year.
GHO soon

I have come across plenty of coyote scat at Armleder (eagerly picking it up hoping that it is an owl pellet) but today I found fur. This is way too long to be from a deer. Could a coyote gotten into a scuffle with one of the great horned owls over food? There were handfuls of fur scattered about a twenty-foot area. Chimp?
coyote hair maybe

We went to a family get-together at my Aunt Caroline's tonight. Aunt Caroline is my Dad's older sister, and we don't see enough of her or her kids. I got to see cousins that I haven't seen since my grandma died in 1994. And I got to meet their I have never met before. That's a shame, really.
The "Girl" second cousins (second cousins once removed? Heck, I don't know)
Isabelle, Lorelei, Hanna, Debra and Emily.

My cousins
And here are some of my first cousins and their spouses. There are quite a few that didn't show tonight but it was nice to see everyone who did.
This is where I come from...and it's nice to go home sometimes.


Trixie said...

The fur is way cool. As for the scuffle, I'm not sure.

Your girls and your cousin's kids are second cousins. Your cousin's kids to YOU are first cousin's once removed. Does that make sense?

Glad you had a nice evening.

Trixie said...

Oh, and much as I love to see what is up in your world everyday, I am not holding you to the 365 thingy. I know I could not do it!

NatureWoman said...

When I saw your post title then saw the fur I immediately thought of Cousin It.
It's fun to meet family, isn't it?

Tom said...

Your blog is very nice. I found you through FLICKR. I also blog on the nature of Ohio. Good finding your blog!


Mary said...

You always have something to report - 365 days a year should be no problem for you! I could never do it.

I meet family and lost relatives at funerals. It's a shame.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Ah, you're gonna hate me again, Susan, but I fink that fur is possum. Clues are the overall whiteness, the long black guard hairs, the fineness, and especially the puffy white "down layer" which is characteristic of possum. Coyote ought to show a touch of tan. As always, could be wrong. Drop some in an envelope with a $20 bill and I'll do a full analysis. ;-)

Your house sure looks nice. Come clean mine?

Science Chimp

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks. I can never keep it all straight.
And if I am stuck for a post, I have a pile of photos that I can toss in here.

Welcome to the Nut House!

I really don't know why I decided to do this. But I shall soldier on.

1. I could never hate you. Mammal hair is not my gig. Of course it could be a possum. A good meal for an owl (either one of the SEOW or GHO in the area). I seem bound and determined to find a piece of a coyote (other than the scat that I see everywhere)
2. Not my house. My aunt's house. But I will tell her that you think it's nice. You need a house cleaner? I'm sure we could work something out. : )
3. Don't tempt me. You may find an envelope of hair in your mailbox someday.