Monday, January 14, 2008

Someone pass the barf bag?

It's been Barfsville here for the past few days. Lorelei was first in line for vomiting. She got better in about a day and a half. As she was improving, Isabelle took her place at the Porcelain Throne. When Lorelei started throwing up, I assumed it was a virus and it would run its course. When Isabelle got sick, I thought the same thing. But something seemed wrong with that diagnosis. They weren't running high fevers or having any serious stomach pain. I started thinking about what they could have eaten to make them icky. I realized that Lorelei had feta cheese on her spaghetti on Wednesday, and Isabelle had it on her salad on Saturday. I remember when I got really sick from feta cheese while pregnant with Lorelei. (Pregnant women aren't supposed to eat soft cheeses like brie, bleu cheese, and feta. Duh. NOW I know. But I was CRAVING it!)

Isabelle threw up 451 times last night (okay, okay....but it felt like that!) and stayed home from school. So we spent the day with Popsicles and Kool-Aid and rice and feeder birds:

Whoa....windy today.
"Whoa. Windy today, huh."

UPside down goldfinch
Goldfinch: "BANSAI!!!!!"

Titmice are so sweet, I would eat one on a cracker
Titmice are so sweet, I could eat them on a cracker. Or Melba know, for the extra crunchiness.

Sick Isabelle
Poor sick wuzzers. (A term coined by my Mother.)

Not looking too good
Uh oh. This Carolina wren's right eye is stuck shut. I better do some looking into whether wrens are vulnerable to avian conjunctivitis.

SEVENTEEN! Three more and I win a toaster oven!

By the way, Isabelle is fine now. How do kids do it?


RuthieJ said...

Oh Susan, you're a good mom! Barf's the one thing I just can't deal with, so I think it's good I never had any kids (and usually the dogs give me enough warning that I can rush them outside!)

Mary said...

I really like Feta cheese but now....gee, I don't know. Hope they're back to school and feeling better!

Amy said...

We all had a virus a few weeks ago but managed to avoid the barfiness part. Great photos, as usual! As for your Titmouse comment, I feel the same about chickadees. I like 'em on bagel chips with a green olive stuck on their beak. Yum-O!