Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No autographs, please....

Cindy, our Bird Care Director, just sent a link out to all the RAPTORites about a program I did last week:
Check it out HERE.
And someday, you can say "I knew her when...".
Feel free to roll your eyes. I'm not even mentioned by name in the article. But hey, gotta start somewhere. (I think you can see my hair in the picture of Lucy....I'm glad they didn't show me. The birds always look better than I do.

: )


Trixie said...

Susan, you are such a natural as an educator. What I watched you do in a short time with my girls was so impressive.

The Swami said...

After reading the story I clicked on the link that said return to Loveland Community page. At first I thought there was an ad there for another story about you. The banner ad at the top of the page read: "I am Legend."

Swami's writers are obviously on strike.

Mary said...

You'll have your day, Susan. It'll be all about you and less about the bewds.

Jess Riley said...

That's so cool--but you're right, they forgot to mention you by name!!

(I just read your post about Woodstock '99....you're so cute in those cornrows!!)

NatureWoman said...

Awesome Susan! You rock, and your name *will* get mentioned soon!