Saturday, December 22, 2007

Some pictures from the last few days:

Female red-bellied woodpecker with serious boobage
This female red-bellied woodpecker was showing off some serious boobage the other day. It was cold that day, but jeepers! Get a girdle, girlfriend!

Animal truck
How many animal names does one truck need?
There are a total of four "Bobcats", a "Dingo" and a "Toro".
A quick search showed that "Toro" is the name of a spiny rat in the genus Isothrix in South America, the type of tuna used in sushi and the Italian and Spanish word for bull. See how much you can learn here on this blog? I am so interesting.

Step Children
My Step Children.

Melanie enjoys a Coke
My second cousin once removed...or something....or third cousin? Anyway, this is Melanie. She is 19 months old and the Coke can was empty. But I took a picture to blackmail my cousins someday, if I need to. :)
Melanie is a sweet, pleasant kid. I'm sure that she keeps her parents on her toes, but once she warmed up to all of her weird kin, she was a peach.

Melanie and me
Melanie, me and my new "PISH OFF" t-shirt. Isabelle can read now, and she kept making the "pish" sound today. Everyone at my Mom's (we had our family holiday get-together tonight) thought they knew what it meant, but I had to explain the art of pishing. My family isn't really into birds. I feel like a genetic anomaly.


Mary said...

That woodpecker looks like it's part Mourning Dove! My God!

I love that Pish Off shirt - I'm hopping over to Sharon's to buy one. It'll be something else to confuse my friends and family - "What's Pish Off?". I'll just say, "never mind..." LOL! Unless I think they really want to know...

NatureWoman said...

Woodpecker boobs - only on your blog Susan! LOL!!
Cute kid photos!
Oh, some men and their toys, I swear!

Lynne said...

Your last post showed your fabulous lnowledge and teaching ability. This one is your humor. These are two of the many things I love about you Susan.

dguzman said...

Ah, teaching the young about pishing! Excellent! If only I'd had such early instruction, right?