Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post-Holiday Randomosity

I wanted to show off one of my favoritest (Yesssssss, Geoff. I know that's not a word.) gifts.

A TWENTY-PORT finch feeder!

5 on the big feeder
This was a gift from Rachel, my Sorta-Someday-Sister-In-Law. She reads my blog, faithfully, it sounds like, and she remembered that I was whining about wanting one. And voila.
Want one?
Thank you, Rachel. It RAWKS.
She also included a #10 bag of thistle, and it took a full #5 to fill this bad boy. I've had it up for one day and there are 2 inches gone so far.

Titmouse and cardinal suet dough
Time to make the Zick Dough!
There's a rare moment. A titmouse sitting still for more than 0.5 seconds.

Where'd everybody go

two red-tails at Armleder
A quick trip to Armleder gave us two red-tailed hawks. A juvenile and an adult. If you click on the photo, I added notes to the case you can't see who is who. We watched the adult chase off the whippersnapper.

My only gripe for this Holiday season....
I didn't get an Ugly Doll.

And Isabelle did.

Wage the Ugly Doll
Why did I want one? Well, look at it! Is that the weirdest thing you have ever seen?
And that's exactly why I want one.
But my birthday is coming up, so maybe if I am good.....
Just in case anyone is keeping track, I will be 30-freakin'-5 on January 2nd.


Mary said...

I was just thinking today that my six port finch feeder isn't nearly big enough. I'm getting tired of topping it every day. Nice gift!

So the titmouse posed for you, huh?

And, dear Susan, just remember that 30 freaking 5 means you are still a baby. So there! I loved my thirties.

Julie Zickefoose said...

I bought four Ugly Dolls for Christmas presents: 2 Big Toes, 1 Ice Bat and 1 Moxie. I gotta say, Big Toe and Moxie are my favorites. Liam adores his Moxie. I take my Big Toe everywhere I go, telling people he's a travel pillow, when actually he is my homunculus.

You are definitely Ugly Doll material, and I mean that in the nicest way. I love Isabelle's! The apron kills me.

Rachel said...

Wow! Didn't take the bewds long to find the new feeder! Glad you are enjoying it. I'm not looking forward to the big 3-0 this year either :(

KatDoc said...

Another January baby! So many people I know were born in the First Month. I, too, have a landmark birthday in January, one that ends with a "0." Ugh. I may skip it.

In case I forgot it on the day, Happy 35th! I agree with Mary; I loved my 30's. You are forever young.


nina said...

Happy early b-day--I hope you spend it doing what you love best, with the people you love most!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Susan,
I hope your goldfinches love your new feeder as much as they love it at my house. Sometimes in the late summer when fledglings are eating too, mine will be eaten half-empty in a day! I've had juncos, pine siskins, house finches and chickadees on it this winter too.
P.S. Like Mary says, "enjoy your 30's" (I was getting my driver's license the year you were born!)

Amy said...

Happy early Birthday! Wishing you a delightful day and a fabulous year!

You're still younger than me (c:

NatureWoman said...

That is one awesome feeder!! Ugly doll, hmmmm, you definitely need one of those, they are cool!
Early happy birthday - yay!!!!!

dguzman said...

Good lord, 30-freaking-5. I always forget that you're the baby of the group!

You definitely need one of those dolls. I love that Science Chimp calls it her "homunculus." That's one of my all-time favorite science words, along with "hippocampus." *giggle*