Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This post is better than a sleeping pill....read on, if you are already in your jammies.

I SO want to do this to those damn telemarketers who call when we are eating dinner, or putting the girls to bed, or getting ready to walk out the door.

Well, crap. I have been waiting and waiting for this dumb video to load and I have to get up early to expand the minds of children about birds of prey tomorrow morning. So I may just have to try it another time. But it's funny...I promise.

Oh, and get this!
While getting new tires put on Geoff's car, Lorelei and I were sitting in the waiting room of the tire place. This was the nicest automotive waiting room ever...a TV, phone, vending machines, and INTERNET ACCESS. The PC was at a nice little desk, with a nice flat-screen monitor. I sat down and signed on, wanting to check out comments on my blog. And guess what? It wouldn't let me. Because there was a "young children" safe guard program on it, and my blog was blocked because of the keyword "PORN".
Porn. Porn? They mean when I say "Bird porn"? My goodness.
When I told Geoff about it, he mentioned that Isabelle reads my blog now, and while she isn't able to read all the words, she can sound them out.
Uh oh. I guess when I am talking about a certain act that birds do to make baby birds, I need to say "Amateur-filmed adult act" or some such nonsense.

Before I sign off, I thought I would add some recycled pictures of raptors (I haven't had time to bird in earnest, so I have to be a slacker here):

*Wild red-tailed hawk catching some dinner*

*Red-tailed hawk release in New Richmond, Ohio*

Two owls two ears
*Not one screech owl, but TWO screech owls...*

back of AK
*The back of our male American kestrel*


Dave said...

Aren't those kestrels gorgeous? Get back to work slacker. :)

dguzman said...

You crack me up! I love how Geoff didn't say "hey quit the cussing!" he just said, "you know, the girls can sound out those words..." and repeat them at awkward moments, don't forget!

Beautiful birds.

Trixie said...

Too funny!

Vivi is most impressed with the kestrel picture.

Miss you!

Mary said...

There isn't anything you post that could put me to sleep. Never. You rock on the worst days.nn

mon@rch said...

hmm, bird porn? I probably need to stop looking at your blog at work!! Very cool they allowed you to access the internet though!