Monday, November 12, 2007

My first time

Just kidding.
Oh, come on! You know all of you were interested!

Seriously, though...
My first love...was Andy Gibb.

Andy Gibb was my first love

I found this towel at Mom's yesterday, and yelled out,
"Mom! My Andy Gibb towel!Can I have it ??"

She said, "I guess. I've been using it when I wash the dog."

ACK! What ! ? My Andy Gibb Towel? On the &*%$ dog???
So I lovingly folded it and took it home with me.

Just look at that sexy man. I used to sunbathe on this towel. Now, I was too young to be interested in what was in those tight, tight jeans, but I loved this towel anyway. I remember being fascinated by his chest hair and his little gold record medallion. I bet this towel would sell quite nicely on eBay.

Can you tell that I feel better?
I still have a cold, but my mood has lifted, thank goodness. And I am sure that Geoff is wiping his brow and saying, "Whew!". I'm not a lot of fun when I am down. After having a history of clinical depression for the past umpteen years, I've noticed that people tend to immediately start walking on egg shells when I am unhappy:

"Are you taking your medicine?" "Do you need to be alone?" "Is this chemical or situational?"

While antidepressants have given "me" back to me, and I feel normal for the first time since I was about 16, I wonder if the "me" I am now is the real me. I think most of what I feel is real, but I am starting to hate the fact that I need a pill to make me feel like a normal person. When they were first prescribed, my doctor said, "There are lots of different meds we can try, and there is no reason to ever go off of them." That was reassuring at the time, but now it makes me think. Geoff and I might have one more baby, and you can't take the majority of antidepressants during pregnancy. Planning for another child is going to be a year-long thing anyway, and having to wean myself off mood-stabilizing medication is going to suck.

Okay. When did this post become group therapy?
Let's end with a fairy tale and an Andy Gibb video:

One day, long, long ago, there was this woman who, surprisingly, did not whine, nag or bitch.

But this was a long time ago.

And it was just ONE day.

The End


LauraHinNJ said...

(laughing) Glad you feel better Susan. (I'll skip the Andy Gibb video cause he creeps me out).

Susan Gets Native said...

What? Creeped out by Andy Gibb? Are you on crack, Laura?

Mary said...

Yeah, I'm glad you are feeling better, too. I can do without Andy Gibb, for sure. I'm more a George Michael, Robert Palmer, Price kinda gal. Those types can be your best friend (wink).

Shine on, Susan!

DK & The Fluffies said...

Sorry, Andy was too pretty for me... But if you're talking Parker Stevenson from the Hardy Boys... I'm there with you! Or David Cassidy!

Dave said...

Good Grief!

Trixie said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Too funny. I had no idea you were an Andy Gibb girl. Tee hee hee. And another baby! More power to you. I would love to have another if we weren't so broke, and it weren't so risky for me, oh, and I wasn't so OLD! Can I hold the new one?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nothing like a blast from the past to cheer a girl up.

Lynne said...

Glad you're feeling yourself again. Every one has slumps but I know about depression too and it makes me nervous when I'm in a slumpy mood too.
Ok- Andy Gibb? /give me Bobby Sherman! That comment screams out that I'm (a bit) older than you!

Susan said...

Andy Gibb - I haven't heard that name in awhile!

Liza Lee Miller said...

I adored Andy Gibb too but I just always feel sad when I think about him now. But, I do have an Andy Gibb song stuck in my head now. Thank you very much.

Can't help with the group therapy -- just glad you are thinking about it carefully!

dguzman said...

Oh, man, Andy Gibb! I once dated someone who had this obsession with him, would always say how he was the most talented Gibb, if only he hadn't died, what a tragic loss, yadda yadda. Whatevah!

I can't believe your mom still had the towel, though--that's sweet! Kinda like how my mom still has my Kermit the Frog bedspread. *sniffle!*

NatureWoman said...

Glad you're feeling better Susan! Andy Gibb? I liked David Cassidy myself. Well, I still kinda do!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm with you on Andy Gibb at least 80% of the way, but let's look at those previous posts ... Parker Stevenson! Bobby Sherman! Whoot!!

All the best with your meds, m'dear. My husband & I are both dealing with same trouble, in different degrees. Can't have bio-offspring -- have 4 kittehs and a pile of humans who look at us as big-sibs. Fortunately for me, I never had a bio-clock.