Saturday, November 10, 2007

I tried

I really tried to lift my mood today.
First stop was RAPTOR. I dropped off some stuff and said hi to some of the birds...

Earl for Lynne

I can't look at Earl without thinking of Lynne. When I heard about the social and mental needs of vultures, I bought Earl a Kong. The volunteers stuff small mice into the Kong and give it to Earl. She won't play with it while we are watching, so I will have to be sneaky and try to get a video of that! Darn bird. I want to be her friend, but I also like my hair in my scalp.

To get to Earl's mew, you have to walk through Scarlet's:

Scarlet close up

Isn't she just fantastic?
Scarlet is only about three years old, and her eyes are still half gray, half brown. And she's a brat...but like parents who have a special love for their problem child,
I do love her in my own way.

The Oxbow was quiet today. Very, very quiet. Spooky quiet.

Oxbow flood plain

Part of the floodplain.
I didn't hear any birds. ANY birds.

Heart of a tree

Although I didn't find any birds, I did find a heart.
Made of fuzzy fungus. But hey. I'll take it.

A few days ago while pumping gas, Lorelei waved to me from the back seat. I leaned over and kissed the glass by her hand. The dust from the Oxbow reminded me that I did that:

Lip print


Trixie said...

Sweet, dusty kiss.

Mary said...

Even when you're down, you still find good things. Who would have noticed the fuzzy, fungusy heart or the dusty kiss?

I'd love to see Earl with her KONG!

NatureWoman said...

I love the heart fungus. The heart was there just for you Susan!

mon@rch said...

no birds?? Glad you were able to head over to RAPTOR!! Anytime I could see a TV up that close would make me smile!!

dguzman said...

Hope your mood lifts; there's something about the winter finally arriving that's kinda getting me down too. I'm dreading the first real snowfall, the one that covers everything and never melts. Ugh.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Big Earl is quite handsome. It would be fun to seee him play with the Kong.

We have turkey vultures that loafed on a tower all summer not far from where I live. They have mostly moved to a tree down the street from the tower and there aren't as many now.

I think TVs are interesting creatures.

We noticed that the birds were very quiet at the park this a.m. It seemed almost eerie.