Monday, October 22, 2007

I am so ready to wet my pants!

I had a dream last night that scared the bejesus out of me.
Here's how it went:
I was home, the day that I was supposed to leave for Cape May. I got a call from the airline saying that the plane was leaving and I needed to get there immediately. Well, I panicked, because I wasn't packed. so I drove to the airport and sat in the concourse, crying. I didn't have my camera, or clothes or anything! So I told the plane to go without me and I tried to refund my tickets and get on another flight. But they wouldn't let me.
Isn't that a sad dream? Think maybe I am worried that I will miss the plane? I may just sleep at the airport the night before.
The word on the Birding Forecast at Cape May says that we are in for some good birding, according to how the weather is shaping up!

Today at the Oxbow, I picked up two lifers:

Very blurry green-winged teals
These are green-winged teals (lifer!)...about 40 of them. For some reason, my camera wouldn't focus out that far. Crap. Must be those damn "factory" settings. Where's my manual?
Very blurry greater yellowlegs
Not a lifer, but neat to see. A group of greater yellowlegs.

Here's the bird that had me talking to myself out in a corn field:

Purple finch!
A purple finch! A big ol' lifer! I couldn't believe I was finally seeing one. When I saw a "pinkish" shade on a LBJ, I stopped and pointed the bins at it. And then I started talking to myself...
"Holy sh*t, that's a purple finch! I'll be dipped. Hee hee hee!"

What a beautiful bird...once you see a purple finch, I don't think you could mistake it for a house finch, or vice versa. That rich, candy-like raspberry color. I'm in love.
Purple finch camo
Here it is from behind...I wonder how many I have seen and just dismissed as house finches?

A family fix, for those of you who think my family is cute:
Geoff was interviewed by a DJ at the Columbus NPR station yesterday. She came to our house after visiting some family here in town, and they did the interview in the front yard. The girls hung out in the back yard while Geoff was busy. When he came in the backyard, the girls ran at him like he had been gone for a month.


Father and daughter

And a Hooper fix:
"Agggggg.....ooooh, yeah. Right there.....yeah, that feels soooooo goooooood"
Look at his face. It feels so good, he's cross-eyed.


NatureWoman said...

You'll make it to Cape May without issues Susan!!
I love that big bear hug Geoff is giving Isabelle. Nothing like wonderful Daddy hugs!

Mary said...

Great lifers... Can't beat the Daddy/Daughter hugs.

You might want to get extra sleep for the big weekend...

I would be having nightmares, too, right now! OH MY GOD I MISSED MY PLANE! WHERE'S MY CAMERA AND MY UNDERWEAR!


LauraHinNJ said...

I had a dream the other night that I was greeting everyone at Cape May topless! And I'm such a prude, but in that dream it didn't bother me in the least. Strange!

I think we must be having *issues* about meeting one another - you think?

LauraHinNJ said...

Wanted to tell you that I've been visiting the local dog park with the pup - I had been a bit scared to try it out, but your posts made it seem like fun. Luka's had a blast running and wrestling!

dguzman said...

Oh Susan! I had a dream I went to Cape May but none of the Flock was there--it was my high school reunion! I kept thinking, "What a ripoff! Where's the Flock!? I want to go birding!"

You'll get there all right, and we'll all have a great time.

Lucky you--I still haven't seen a purple finch. Someday....

Liza Lee Miller said...

Poor you. That is a scary dream!

As for the family fix -- that's awesome. Since I am regularly ahead of you in the family thing (with my two being a bit older than your two). Let me just say that everytime Greg or I go to a meeting or something, our children act as though we are going to be gone for a month. I have tried to tell them how lucky they are to have parents who work at home or at their school but they don't buy it. Yeah, yea, those other kids have it rough but what about us? Daddy was at a meeting for like an HOUR! It's totally unfair!

:) :) :)

mon@rch said...

Sounds like you are getting excited about the cape may trip! Wish i could join you guys! do keep us updated!