Sunday, September 09, 2007

Seven years ago, today

I didn't realize how much my absence would be noticed. I'm fine, y'all.

*September 9, 2000*

Seven years ago, I did the smartest thing I have ever done.
I married Geoff.

Close up

We don't look at our wedding pictures very often. It's neat to see ourselves way back when, happy and thin. I have posted about my bouquet before, and here's a close up of it:


Oh, man. Look at all that color.

Cleavage shot

Here's a good cleavage shot. I was walking up the steps from the basement of the church, and the photographer was waiting at the top, so I lifted up the hem of my dress and gave a big grin.

I was working for a podiatrist at the time, and since my feet are a constant source of pain, I didn't want to wear dress shoes on my wedding day. So I made some "Bridal Sneakers":

showing off my shoes

My wedding shoes

Silver ribbon for the laces, sequins and beads hot-glue-gunned on. Oh, and ruffled socks to complete the ensemble. I danced and danced all night. Geoff and I were some of the last people to leave the reception. And my feet were just fine.

Kissing Jake

I didn't have a flower girl. But I had the cutest Ring Bearer, my godson Jake.
(Just to the right of Jake is Rachel, my sort-of-sister-in-law)
This is my absolute favorite picture of that day.

Calling Geoff the wrong name

The ceremony went off without a hitch. Until the end, when the priest called Geoff by the wrong name. He said "Jim". I was told later by my father-in-law, Swami (aka Jim), that the marriage wasn't legal because Father John said the wrong name.
Look at everyone cracking up. We are not a solemn group of people, as you may have noticed.

Dancing with Dad

Sigh. Dad and me, dancing to "My Daughter's a Bride". Dad was not the dancing type. This was only the second time I danced with him. The first time was at a wedding, when I was 6 and I stood on his shoes.

Wedding cake

How's this for a wedding cake?
It was raspberry swirl cheesecake, covered in fondant. It was delicious.

The day was perfect...75 degrees, no humidity, clear sunny skies. And I married the best guy on the planet. We had six months of just us, and then, Isabelle was conceived on Valentine's Day, 2001.

Geoff and Isabelle Ontario

(Geoff and Isabelle, Windsor, Ontario)
We have packed in a lot in seven years...two kids, career changes, a book or two.
Here's to many, many more happy years.
I love you, Geoff.


Sort-Of-Sister-In-Law said...

Wow, I can't believe it has been seven years. Time has really flown! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you and Geoff.

Lynne said...

Congratulations to the both of you! I love seeing wedding pictures- there's so much love.

I LOVE your wedding sneakers idea! I kicked off my shoes ass soon as we started the receiving line. Wedding shoes are brutal!

NatureWoman said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Time flies by, doesn't it? I love your photos and your sneakers are a great idea!

Ruth said...

Happy Anniversary. You have packed a lot of living in those 7 years. Wishing you many happy years ahead. I love the portrait shot with those beautiful, bright flowers.

Mary said...

Happy Anniversary, Susan and Geoff!

You know, I thought you and Geoff were married longer than 7 years. You are still newlyweds!!! You have accomplished a great deal in just 7 years. Never a dull moment in the Williams' house...

You were a beautiful bride and the photo of you and Dad must be very special to you.

Here's to several more decades together.

Trixie said...

Congratulations to a beautiful bride. Geoff is very lucky. And what a busy household. Here's to many more happy returns.

LauraHinNJ said...

First off - you're making me feel really old - the DH and I will be married 14 years this December.

Second off - you had the wedding cake I wanted! See we had a Christmas wedding and our colors were silver and gold and I saw a pic of cake just like that I wanted (with the fondant and all) but couldn't find anyone to make it.

3rd - I love that *serious* pic of you at the top of the post - you're gorgeous!

4th - Congrats to you both - how are you celebrating?

RuthieJ said...

Happy Anniversary. Those were fun photos and I especially liked your "wedding shoes."

Q said...

Happy Anniversary!
Enjoy your special day.
Your wedding looks as if it was very fun!