Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wordless Wednesday



Please no heavy chicks



Molting male RTH



Hoop and Belle


mon@rch said...

So many wonderful photos for Wordless Wednesday!

Lynne said...

"Please no heavy chicks"???
I want to pet your kitty.
Nice set of pix!

Mary said...

No need to talk. But is this the first time you were wordless?

Great pics. That sign is RUDE.

Susan Gets Native said...

Tom: Thanks.
Lynne: That sign was in a parking lot for a bar, and when I passed it a few days later, the "chicks" had been replaced by "Trucks". I guess someone was trying to be funny.
Mary: Yes, this is the very first time that I did a wordless post. It felt, just...well...wrong.

dguzman said...

I loved the kitty pic!

NatureWoman said...

Susan - wordless? Hmmmm. I love your pics, but miss your words!!

NatureWoman said...

And what, pray tell, was that "No heavy chicks" sign in front of? Hooters, or Cheerleaders USA (both freakin' dumb-ass restaurants in my opinion anyway).