Friday, August 10, 2007

As Erma Bombeck said, the grass is greener over the septic tank

Since rain has been a precious, rare commodity lately, the grass has gone unmowed. That hasn't stopped our neighbor's, though. Now, don't get me wrong, they are very nice people. But they are sadly disillusioned when it comes to lawn care. They pay a Scott's Lawn person to come in once a month or so to spray God-knows-what on their lawn, but looking at the photo below, you can see whose grass is prettier.

I did mow the front yard this evening, and it's still greener than theirs.
We don't water, we don't fertilize, we don't use pesticides.
And our grass rocks anyway.

We may not water the grass, but we water the birds.

...and make sure thhe sunflowers are healthy for all the critters.

From last night's video shoot:

Elvis, the Movie Star.
I wanted to get more pictures, but I wanted to be on hand in case the owls got hinky and needed me. The class had spotlights over the owls to simulate moonlight. The owls were like, "What the heck?" because they are never perched out at night. But they were well behaved.
I am doing a program in Madisonville tomorrow at 3 pm, if anyone in the area wants to come by and say Hey. This was a last minute request, and I can't say no to people who ask for programs. Even if going to be really hot. Even if I was looking forward to having the weekend off.


mon@rch said...

Very cool owl shot for sure . . . but looks like besides watering the birds you are also watering the neighbors grass when the wind blows!

Lynne said...

I like the from-the-side sunflower and butterfly picture.
Your driveway looks about a mile long.
Try and stay cool today.
How are Geoff's book sales going?

NatureWoman said...

Yup, I have the same situation here with my grass vs. neighbors' grass. And why if they have brown turf that is all of 1/2" thick do they think they need to pollute the environment even more by mowing something that is dead anyway?
I love the butterfly on your sunflower! And of course Elvis just rocks!!