Monday, August 06, 2007

August sucks out loud

I told myself that I wouldn't bitch and moan about how hot it is. We are all feeling it, unless you are lucky enough to be Dave or Trixie in Alaska, or Lynne in Minnesooooooota, or Ruth in Ontario. The rest of us are probably moist-browed right now, and may not smell very good.
Here in lovely southwest Ohio, it may get to 100 tomorrow. On any other day, I would just yank the curtains closed against the brutal sun and spend the day with the girls making homemade ice cream. But I have two different programs so I will have to venture forth into the ickiness. The first one is indoors, thankfully. But the second one is outside. For 4 hours.

If you live in the area:
Cops Night Out
Sunset Park, Middletown Ohio
5 pm-9 pm

Please stop by and meet our birds. And bring me ice water. Or maybe a few Popsicles.

I took the girls for a sleepover at Mom's, and she was proud to show me her new baby wrens, freshly hatched in the previously ill-fated bluebird box:

Mom's wrenlets
Four wrenlets, and one unhatched egg...see it under the baby on the left?

I may not have had a bumper crop of baby birds this year, but the monarchs are happy with our milkweed. My dream for the future includes many nature-related things:
A "green" house...recycled materials, energy efficient, etc.
Lots of mature trees
Enough space to take nature walks on our own property (a la Zick)
And...a huge field of milkweed and any other host plant I can find.
But for's sloppy hot. And I come from icy German stock and I'm not a happy camper about this damn weather. Anyone remember the scene in Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood when they sneak out the car and take a drive with their tops off? I wanna do that right now.


mon@rch said...

in a few months you will want it to be hot again! your wrenlits are cute! Aww

Body Soul Spirit said...

Ruth from SW Ontario here where the highs have been 35C for a week (95F) plus humidity. Humidity, but no rain that we desperately need. Good luck on your outdoor program. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Mary said...

I love that scene!

You are not alone, Susan, but I will be thinking of you today outside in this heat. Today is the hottest day of the year - temps reaching 102. No breeze - no real air to breathe. It was 82 freaking degrees at 7am!

Those wrens are adorable!

Remember when you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. Keep drinking that water.

nina said...


Lynne said...

Poor you! Drink lots during your outdoor program today. Think of the popsicles waiting for you at home!
Cutey cutey wren babies!

Q said...

Water, water, water!
Hot and icky here too!
What you do is very important. Enduring the heat is way beyond the call of duty! You are a trooper!
I understand the desire for long, lovely nature walks in my own backyard. I sort of walk in a circle around the outside of the house looking at the birds and butterflies that come to call.
Wonderful wrens...
Sweet little ones.

NatureWoman said...

Hope you survive the four hour program in the heat! Wish I could send you some ice water and popsicles!
Cute little baby bewds!
It would feel good to let the girls hang out in the breeze of a fast moving car, wouldn't it??

Dave said...

We've been having our own heat wave also. It got up to 70°F yesterday. If you need a ride ....:)