Tuesday, August 07, 2007

August still sucks out loud, but I survived.

I may very well have lost 10 pounds today.

First program, great. The woman who scheduled it with me and assisted me with carrying the birds in, etc, hugged me no less than four times and told me that she had a great feeling about me and what RAPTOR does. And she scheduled another program for November.

I had about an hour of down time in between programs, so I came home, cooled off the birds and lay on the couch, trying to soak up as much cold air as I could.

The four hour program was very cool. A "Cop's Night Out", with helicopter demonstrations, K-9 demonstrations, dog adoptions, Marines, fire fighters, a hot dog eating contest, music, face painting, Outreach for Animals (snakes, alligators) and of course, me and my birds. Even though it was hot enough to boil my eyeballs, it was FUN.

My in-laws (Swami and Swamette) and Rachel, my sorta-sister-in-law, her friends, her Mom...all came to see the show, which was very nice of them. And Swami brought me ice and pop.
Go and check out the link above for Outreach for Animals. Tim Harrison, the guy in charge of this awesome organization, is a good friend of RAPTOR, Inc, and is mucho passionate about his mission. From their website:
Since 1995 when "reality" TV began airing wildlife programs showing the hosts casually handling dangerous animals and mistreating them, playing with them as if they were toys, children have died and been injured at an alarming rate. These children act out the part of these television actors and are bit by venomous snakes and lose limbs after jumping on alligators. Parents are encouraging this by bringing large predators into their urban and suburban homes. These situations are very bad for the people and equally bad for the animals.

Our non-profit organization is taking the lead in an effort to save the children and prevent cruelty to animals by the misinformed public. Our educational programs provide information about wildlife and how the wildlife deserves to be left in the wild.

Very cool organization.

So, I made it. But I really don't want to ever go outside again.


Lynne said...

I thought about you and your birds out in that heat tonight. I'm glad you're OK.

vicki said...

It's bitchin' hot around here, if you'll pardon my French. This business of handling animals as though it's a form of bravado and entertainment is disturbing. Same with the influx of exotic pets. At LPZ we actual try to avoid animal handling on all fronts because it's just not good or natural for them and it's presumptuous on our part. I'll put up a little post about that tomorrow, I think.

The Swami said...

Not going outside sounds like a good plan. The forecast for today is 99 degrees (and probably 237% humidity).

A great program yesterday evening.

I was surprised that I did not hear anyone ask if Ripple is the best wine to serve with owl.

Mary said...

Glad you made it OK, Susan, and the birds fared well, too. You're are right - August is sucking out loud. A county near me is expecting 115 degrees heat index today. We'll only feel like 107.

That's a nice link. Great organization!

Dave said...

All future bird presentations are at your house with the ac on? Keep 'em cool.

NatureWoman said...

That is a very cool organization Susan!! And Swami is very cool, for helping to keep you cool! Glad you made it through okay!

Mary C said...

Kudos to you, Susan and to all the birds for braving the heat and humidity. Let's hope Mother Nature sends you some cooler temps and less humidity.