Tuesday, July 17, 2007

An outing...and the Odd Couple

After my praise of the Cincinnati Museum Center yesterday, I decided that I needed to take the girls there.

Union Terminal
Its official name is the Cincinnati Museum Center, but I still call it Union Terminal.
I bet Trixie has been here!

We went to two of the museums, the Children's one and the Natural History one.
The girls and Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong's space suit is there.
(Did you know that Geoff interviewed Mr. Armstrong for a book? His first book was about a local business man who was also a friend of Mr. Armstrong's)

Passenger Pigeon
The Natural History Museum is full of so many cool things...caves, simulated glaciers, fossils, reconstructed skeletons of mastodons, giant sloths.
And a passenger pigeon. What a beautiful bird. Stupid humans.

Audobon in Cincinnati
And speaking of birds...
John James Audubon worked here back in 1819 as a taxidermist, with the predecessor of our current museum.
(We Cincinnatians find any, ANY tie-in we can)
Rotunda ceiling
The Rotunda ceiling.
Word has it that the huge entry way has perfect acoustics, and that you can stand at one end and whisper, and a person can hear you all the way on the other side. I have never been able to do it, because it's always so loud in there.
Mural 1

Maxfield Keck’s bas-relief figures symbolize Commerce and Transportation.
Big, beautiful murals made of tiny pieces of ceramic. The sister pieces to these are hanging in the Greater Cincinnati Airport.

Mural 2

Pigeons on clock
Pigeons don't know how to tell time, but they hang out on the clock anyway.

No matter where you go outside the exhibits, you can't forget you are in a train station.
Old rail entries
These are some of the old rail entry points, where the trains came into the platforms.
And trains still come into this station, but in the back instead of the front.
You can grab an Amtrak from here.
"I'm livin' on the air in Cincinnati....
Cincinnati, W K R P."

News from the yard:
New batch of cats
The new batch of swallowtail eggs have hatched and we have new babies to fawn over.

From the prairie...
I cannot WAIT to see this when it opens!

We have a balding cardinal:
I'm not just the President, I'm a member
"I'm not just the president, I'm also a client."

You know, I have seen bald cardinals in other people's yards, but never here. I was starting to get insulted.
So sad
The usual culprit is feather mites.
Eventually the feathers grow back. but not before the poor guy gets a lot of grief from the other birds.

In honor of Mary's post yesterday:
We have our own love affair going on in the yard.
A bi-species affair.
Duh duh dum!

Her: It's not going to work, Jay.
Him: Come on, baby. Ain't I sexy enough for you?
The Odd Couple 1
Her: You're too pushy, and my parents don't approve of you. We have such different lives.
It' s time to move on.
Him: .....Huh? Did you say something?

The Odd Couple 2
Her: See?!? You're looking at the feeder! All you care about is sex and food!
Him: Hey. That human put out peanuts.


Lynne said...

Too dang funny!!! I think it's a doomed love affair. We have a bald cardinal every year. Why only cardinals? I've never seen a bald finch or dove.

Neener Neener!! I made my flight and car reservations tonight!! I'll arrive in Philadelphia Thursday, 10/25 at 10:22 AM and depart Sunday 10/28 at 1:15 PM.

Trixie said...

I nearly wept the first time I entered the train station. I just LOVE the mosaic murals, working folk of southern Ohio enshrined in tile. YIPPY!!!! Thanks for taking me there.

Mary said...

I saw a bald cardinal yesterday here at work! Strange...

I envy the time you can spend sightseeing with your girls. Your days are full of wonder. One of these days, I'll retire and finally be able to SEE things.

That's truly an odd couple you spied on. Jay's face cracked me up! We need to get our minds out of the gutter. LOL!

Jess Riley said...

Hey, we have a bald cardinal here, too! This is starting to seem like a conspiracy...

(Love the little PPV swallowtail cats!)

Q said...

I can't wait to see the blue prairie flower. The bud is beautiful.
Being a tourist in your own city is fun.
I used to do this with my kids when they were young. We would go touring on Fridays in the summer.
Your city seems wonderful.

KatDoc said...

Count me in as a member of the Bald Cardinal Society. Mine's a male - are they ALL male? Maybe it is the same bird and he commutes a lot.

I love the "Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal." (Whew! I got it all in.) I have tried the whispering thing, but it never works for me. I miss the ice cream shop that used to be in one corner - all old-timey decor, really neat.


Anonymous said...

If all of you "supposed-bird-lovers" really cared about the bald cardinals you would stop all of your chatter and put some Rogaine in your bird feeders!

mon@rch said...

Looks like a very cool place to take the kids and just look at that cardinal!