Thursday, July 19, 2007

Holy Dinosaur Bones, Batman!

Well, the blue bud is now a blue bloom.
Is that a perfect blue or what? I think I will plant Bachelor's Buttons every year. Such happy little flowers.

Blue bloom

The marathon of programs began today.
The first was close to home, and also close to the B&N where Geoff will be signing copies of his book. I stopped in the store and took a sneaky picture of the BIG sign right inside the door:
Geoff's sign
The second program was across the river in Kentucky. A large, loud storm cut it short and I drove back to RAPTOR dripping.
Let me tell you about a conversation I had as I was packing the birds back into the car after my first program:
A woman began talking to me about RAPTOR and our programs, etc. She took one of my brochures and said that her church would love to have us. Great.
Then she started talking about the giant statue they have at their church (the largest Horseshoe Crab in the world or something like that) and it's covered in Scripture. Okay. Great. If that's your thing.
She also mentioned The Creation Museum and "Answers in Genesis" ( I was a bit confused at this turn in topics...weren't we talking about birds of prey a second ago?) and then she dropped this bomb:
"You know, that museum that shows us that God didn't create the dinosaurs."

Exsqueeze me?
She then proceeded to tell me how dinosaur bones couldn't possibly any more that a few thousand years old, because the world is only about six thousand years old.
Oh, dear. One of those.
You can imagine the trillion things that ran through my mind in that nanosecond.
But all I did was put the birds in the car faster, thank her for her interest in RAPTOR, and
Got. The. Hell. Out. Of there.

I am teaching the girls the concepts of "acceptance" and "tolerance", and I try to live those concepts myself. But sometimes it's hard, isn't it? I almost bit through my tongue.

It's scary to think that children who go to this museum and are being raised by parents who think this museum is a great idea (A $50 million idea, at that!), will think that science is full of BS, and swallow this humongous spoonful of crap they are being fed. These are the type of people who voted for Bush. Twice.

A colonic for your brain:

Hummer in the rain
We got lots of wonderful, cold rain today, and the hummingbirds were zipping merrily through the yard and perching and preening. Look at his gorget in these two pictures. Those red feathers look black unless they are turned just so.
Hummingbird giving a raspberry
And they were full of **ss and vinegar, giving me the raspberry.

You may not be seeing me for a few days...Harry Potter and Owls will be my life this weekend. I will be back when I have finished the book and recovered from the zillion programs I will be doing.


Trixie said...

I think nearly the entire state of AK is made up of folks who drive with a Jesus fish eating a Darwin fish. I look like some granola loony here. In the rest of the world I just look like someone who can learn a bit about science AND theology.

Good luck with the weekend. I, too, will have my nose in THE book!

Does Geoff need to do a booksigning in Alaska?

Mary said...

The male hummer looks like a painting, Susan.

I got Geoff's book yesterday! Michael will be the first to read it. His B-day in late September and he'll like it.

So you meet up with scary religious/science freaks, huh? Like you, I'd bite my tongue and make a quick exit. (Don't waste my time, weirdo)

Harry Potter is all over the radio and TV news today. One couple brought their living room sofa to the line at the bookstore last night so they would be comfortable. Don't you think people do these wild things for media attention? I do.

Good luck with your programs and Happy Reading!

mon@rch said...

More books things, YEAH!! And just love seeing those hummingbirds flying around!

Merl Fernlevy said...

What is it with you crazies.

Don't you realise that the reason archaeologists seldom find complete "ancient" skeletons is that the dinosaurs that were kept as house pets generally trampled and crushed the bones?

The last dinosaurs, which were descendants of the ones Noah took on the Ark, were probably killed off during the crusades.

Don't you know anything?!

Chris said...

(-: It is the most perfect blue :-)

NatureWoman said...

I *love* bachelor's buttons Susan - what a beautiful blue they are, huh?
Oh oh oh - I *finally* received Geoff's book yesterday (Friday) from!! And I promptly started it, even though I'm in the middle of another book. I'm *loving* it so far! Does Geoff have book plates that he'll sign so I can have one for my book?
I love the hummingbird tongue! And I'm glad you still have your tongue left in your head. People sometimes.

Q said...

Ordered Geoff's book!
Be sure and take a few minutes to rest but enjoy the programs.
The blue is so pretty. Added it to my list for my blue garden. wonderful Hummingbird pic, like Mary said it looks like a painting.