Saturday, July 28, 2007

Operation *Super - Duper Hooper*

Hi. My name is Hooper.
My Mom couldn't keep me, so her best friend took me in. And while my new family would love to keep me, they are wondering if anyone could fall in love with me.

I have very pretty blue eyes...

Hooper blue eyes
...I guess that's because I have some Malamute and/or Husky in me. We don't know much about me and my history except for this: A friend of my Mom's saw me over her fence, in the neighbor's yard, with no food, water or shelter, and I don't even know how old I am. It was Winter, and I was not being taken care of. The two of them snuck in during the night and dog-napped me, but I didn't mind. Finally I was fed, warm and loved.

Hooper booty
I have a big booty...
Hooper coloring
...but I am still a gorgeous dog, if I do say so myself.

Since I am a "Northern" dog, I have a lot of hair, so brushing me is a must.
I don't like my nails being trimmed, but I love baths. In fact, the first thing I did when I got here was to jump into the kiddie pool. And since I was bred for work, like pulling sleds, I need my daily exercise.

Hooper and Isabelle
I enjoy hanging out with kids. My old family had a BOY that I loved. I miss him.
But the little people who live here really love me and I think they are sweet.
Hi Hooper
I am very, very gentle and calm...
Big and little
...even though I am bigger than most kids I meet.

I am so calm, I heard my new Mom ask my old Mom if she gave me Qualludes, whatever they are. But even though I am a very relaxed dog, I can still play with the best of 'em.
Nellie and Hooper
I get along with other dogs, like my new buddy Nellie...

Hooper and Powder
...and I think cats are neat, too. I've only met one of the cats in this house, because scary things happened to the others, with a dog that used to live here. I hear that he didn't like cats at all.

Nose to nose with Hooper
So, do you like me?


Body Soul Spirit said...

That is one beautiful dog!...and two beautiful kids.

Dave said...

This is the little something your bringing back from your friends? I would hate to see a big something. I like him, but no room.

NatureWoman said...

Ummm, yeah! He's beautiful!!! I know you'll find a good home for him!

KatDoc said...

What a good-looking dog! At a guess, I would call him a Husky-German Shepherd mix. I hope his "forever-home" is right around the corner.


mon@rch said...

Very fun post Susan! I do think your new puppy is cute (and big)! I love the last part with your cat!!

Mary said...

I think Hooper is BEAUTIFUL and deserves a good home with another dog, cats, two pretty little girls, rats, fish, birds, a writer and good father, and a smart-ass woman with a HUGE heart. So there.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Awww! What a sweetie! Good job taking him in and helping him find a good home! You rock!

Lynne said...

I wish I lived closer.

Susan, you have a big, soft, gooey center!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Wooooh, here we go again. I'm glad Hooper likes kitties. That's a whole lotta dog, girl. The Paul Newman eyes have got to get him somewhere!
Hey, thanks for the links to the What Chet Did and Goodall posts. I don't remember saying them, either!
Your inventive use of links and banners always makes me smile. And the how to find a rehabber link is genius!

Mary C said...

I'm glad to see Hooper has a new home - looks like there's going to be a lot of love in your household. :-)