Friday, June 15, 2007

Wasn't even going to post tonight, but then I started to babble


I actually didn't take any pictures today. How un-Me of me.

But I plan on filling my bandwidth with many on tomorrow's post.
I have a program tomorrow afternoon at a Harley store, so I will be sure to get lots of shots of tattooed, gnarly, grizzled bikers. Which is the type of crowd I used to run with.

I can't call myself a Renaissance woman or anything, but I have seen and experienced plenty.

It depended on the guy I was dating:
1. The Demon. He came from a very nice family, lots of money and respectable. He hung with guys who were brainy yet nerdy (think Dungeon's & Dragons) and who smoked pot to "expand" their minds. And he turned out to be abusive.

2. Tony #1. He came from the wrong side of the tracks, seemingly had no future outside professions that require your name on your shirt. But he had a gift of expressing himself with words, and dreamed of becoming a journalist. His whole family consisted of bikers and I spent plenty of time on the back of Harley's, learned to like black leather, perfected my Beer Bong Handstand (If the Flock asks nicely, maybe I will demonstrate that at Cape May)...
When he started to go off the deep end with his life, I told him to clean it up or I would never speak to him again. So he joined the Army and went to the first Gulf War as a combat medic. We tried to rekindle, but he had gone beyond my comfort zone.
(Interesting note: When he came back from the war, he showed me a picture of himself in front of some graffiti he had sprayed on a wall in Kuwait. It said, "I love Susan Kailholz!")

3. Tony #2. Another one from the wrong side of the tracks. Not very bright, but sweet and caring, and he didn't do drugs. (From what I hear, he is now a big-time junkie, in and out of jail.)
His family was dysfunctional, but they loved me. I spent too much time talking to cops about his sister, or a neighbor, or one of his friends. I got thrown out of a Waffle House restaurant at 2 am during those days...we were all very intoxicated and the jukebox started playing a great song, so I got up on the table to dance. The management didn't see my talent, obviously, but the other patrons (who were also drunk) appreciated my performance.
We got engaged after 5 years of dating, moved in to an apartment, and then he cheated on me with a big heifer 15 years older than him. That turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to me (other than meeting Geoff). I wised up and realized that my future was fairly grim with a guy who had no direction.

4. Geoff. We all know how awesome he is, but I also married into a family who is caring, intelligent, classy (Really. Swami IS classy, away from his computer) I have surrounded myself with quality people, and my quality of life and mentality have in turn improved.

I wasn't even going to post anything tonight...and now I have spilled my guts.

Let's cleanse:

Click here to pre-order.

It's getting closer...Geoff has been thinking about this book for about 10 years, and it is about to come out and we are all a nervous wreck. Another review is coming out, but I can't share it until it comes out in print on July 1. But it's even better than the first one.
And Geoff is going to be on a local radio program that's sort of like Oprah's Book Club. When details are available, I will let everyone know.
And speaking of books...I pre-ordered the last Harry Potter yesterday. I am so stoked.
I first started reading them on our honeymoon, if you can believe that. We were in England and Scotland, so the scenes in the book had special meaning. And we spent lots of time on trains, going from historic place to historic place. I have read them all at least three times each.
*Warning: When it comes out July 21, I may suddenly disappear from Blogland. But I read the last one in four hours, so my absence will probably be short.


Trixie said...

Geez, are you brave, spilling and all. I have to do that "in person." Maybe I'll tag along to Cape May. If nothing else, to see the handstand. YEAH, BABY!

Do you ever watch Deadliest Catch?

Trixie said...

Is that button a way to order direct from Geoff so he gets a little more of the cut??? And perhaps we get a signed first edition?

Susan Gets Native said...

If you could get to Cape May this fall, it would be SO awesome! October 26-28th, Cape May, will be slamming with birds and of course, US.

I've seen Deadliest Catch a few time...why?

Susan Gets Native said...

I don't know about getting them directly from Geoff...I will ask him.
But if we can't sell them directly, you can always send him a copy and he will inscribe something special.

Trixie said...

Well, dated a guy who crabbed and fished. There are stories to tell...

October, eh? .... We may have to talk details.

NatureWoman said...

No photos is SO un-you of you for sure! Aren't ex's lovely though. Whenever anyone turned abusive towards me they were freakin' gone in a NY minute. I just found out from my younger brother that my Dad used to throw guys I was dating out on their ear if he didn't like them. Obviously it didn't bother me at the time because I never questioned anyone about it!
Can't *wait* to read Geoff's book! Sending you guys great book selling vibes!!
I never got into Harry Potter. Diana Gabaldon on the other hand - girlfriend, you should really read her books if you haven't already. Each one may take you more than four hours though!

Dave said...

Best of luck with the book!

Mary said...

Hey Susan,

I'm excited for you and Geoff. I don't know much about the subject of his book, but I'll buy it anyway! I think Michael will like it.

Let me spill a little of my guts. I was married to Michael when I turned 20. But I dated real losers and those who I thought were losers. The stomped on the nice guys too quickly. I'm ashamed of what I did to one German guy who was SO SMART. I had been seeing him on and off for a while in high school and he invited me to his prom. I declined with the reason I couldn't afford a dress - but I was there - with someone else and he saw me. The guy I was with was a freaking, pompous idiot, too. Seven years later, he pulled up to my Mom and Dad's house in a Mercedes coupe and asked them where he could find me. He was a successful lawyer and I know enough about him that I'll bet he is living the high life right now. He even liked nature. But that's OK. What is meant to be will be.

Never read Harry Potter but I like him in TV.

Thanks for the gut-spilling and I challenge you to a great dance in Cape May (wink)!