Saturday, June 16, 2007

It was hot

The crowd at the Harley store was a bit thinner than anticipated. I didn't see any really scary, grizzled biker dudes.
And the band was very loud.
And the weather was sweltering. About 90 degrees. On blacktop.

Ted Nugent look alike
Does this guy look like Ted Nugent or what?
The Renegades
This is the band..called the Renegades.
Turns out that the lead singer (the big dude in the black t-shirt) graduated with me, and we took a few minutes to catch up. I haven't seen him in like 15 years.
Requisite biker chick
There were plenty of requisite biker chicks in black tank tops.
Me at the Harley thing
It was hot. Did I say that already?
Lucy at the Harley thing
The birds were freaked out. I had to put them in the building, instead of perching them outside like I planned.

The crowd
And it was hot.


Mary said...

It looked hot, too.

I don't see bikers as being grizzly at all anymore - like I remembered them being in the 60's or 70's. The ones I know are regular, nice people, like people you meet in a car club. I can understand why the birds freaked out, though.

Good pictures of you, Susan! I like auburn hair.

Yes, it looked quite hot.

Dave said...

Was it hot? Looking good presenting all those raptors!