Thursday, May 03, 2007

I better stop going to Lake Isabella, or I will run out of birds to see at Magee Marsh next week.

Indigo bunting
I almost wet myself when I saw a brilliant blue blur fly past my car (I do my best birding from my car, it seems. Read-made bird blind.)
An indigo bunting! Now, it's not a life bird, but it was thrilling anyway. How can something be so blue?
My life indigo bunting was actually on top of Bill and Julie's birding tower last summer.
So this bird's for you, BT3 and Zick!
Swainsons thrush
So the bunting wasn't a life bird. But this one was.
A Swainson's thrush. Hot damn.
All of the thrushes make my eyes cross, but when I saw the eye ring, yellow/brown/gray color and the lack of any reddish-brown on the back or wings, not to mention that we are in range for Swainson's, I knew I didn't have a wood, gray-cheeked or hermit.
Dainty WBnuthatch
White breasted nuthatches are just cool. That beautiful tuxedo they wear, and their ability to creep down a tree trunk. And look at his top foot....he has his pinky toe stuck out like he is at High Tea.
Early disapproval
Ms. Genius here finally figured out how to get a good close-up of the wrenlets. But they are barely wrenlets anymore. They are filling up the nest box (remember, there are five in there!) and it looks like they are started early on the disapproval.
I can see the beginnings of that beautiful, saucy rust color on their heads and back.
I can't seem to get away from birds. (Not that I would want to) I spotted this robin on a nest in the McDonald's parking lot!
And they may be everywhere you turn, but they sure start out cute!
(Baby Canada)


LauraHinNJ said...

Could that be a blue grosbeak Susan?

Susan Gets Native said...

Definitely not. I thought that at first, but the beak was tiny. And no red on the shoulders...just black and blue.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous birds! Even the robin nest was lovely! Cool day!

Mary said...

Great bird day, Susan! Your nuthatch photo is just perfect - that's a sweet little bird and I didn't know they visit feeders.

Who can resist the Baby Canadian? You sure get around to see a lot in a day.