Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wednesday Miscellany

A lot of nothing happened today. But I still feel the need to post about the nothingness.

I wish this had been in focus!
I wish this had been in focus! It's hard to get good pictures of birds and kids. They never stop moving and they make you crazy.
Fuzzy sleep
Awwww...fuzzy sleepies.
I love Queen beyond all reason. She has been with me for all of her almost 11 years, and she is the perfect cat: Vocal, loving, and so what if she is missing 3/4 of her tail. She is one of a long line of tabbies that have owned me over the course of my 34 years. And Buddha and Powder aside, tabbies are the best cats to have around.

Someone please cut her nails
It takes three people to cut Nellie's toenails. One to cut, two to hold. She only gets them cut when we visit the vet.
We had some big weather blow through tonight. After a fully cloudy day, we got a break and saw some blue skies. And then a seriously heavy thunderstorm came through. We even had pea-sized hail. We haven't had hail for about 5 years...the evidence is still showing on the paint job on Geoff's car.
I love it when the clouds surround the house, like we are sitting in a huge bowl of mountains.
As I was taking pictures of clouds, a flock of unknown black birds flew over.

There's five in there, I swear
If the wrens had chosen a more secluded place to nest, I wouldn't be spooking the female out all the time. I took advantage of her leaving to do a quick nest check...Five warm, sweet pink eggs. The male has been scooping up spiders and Zick Dough and taking it around the corner to his honey.
A quick story with a happy ending:
I came down here a few days ago and noticed that the tray for the rat cage was slightly open. Open enough for a rat to squeeze through. Laverne was missing.
I looked in all the places I thought she could go, but couldn't find her.
Finally, last night, I happened to look over at the TV and saw her sweet profile sticking out from the TV stand. I grabbed a few Cheez-Its and coaxed her out. She was freaked out and pretty bony, so I fed her and put her back in with her mother and sister. I was so afraid that either:
1. One of the cats had offed her and I would come across her in the next few days.
2. I wouldn't find her until we packed up the house someday and moved.
Sigh of relief. Those of you who have never had a pet rat just can't understand how cool and sweet they are. I guess it's human nature to shun rodents. Well, I am either higher evolved than most or just crazy. Your pick.


Mary said...

Hmmmm. Let me think. Hmmm. Highly evolved, no doubt. I've lost sleep over lost gerbils. I think we are of the same ilk.

Your photo of Queen is wonderful, Susan. A cat as content as a bug in a rug.

The cloud formations are so cool! Love them!

I'm glad you found the RAT :0/

The Swami said...

Rats...and...higher evolved, you leave me no choice!

Jayne said...

Sweet joy radiates in your nothingness! :c)

Lynne said...

Oooo- I loves me a tabby cat! Your Queen looks so sweet. Beautiful mountain clouds.

mon@rch said...

I say that to my birds also! you nest this close to me, expect me to check on you from time to time! Love your flock of blackbirds, you could have said they were a kettle of Broadwings and I would have believe it! Happy Wednesay!