Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Wood ducks Little Miami
I have wanted to see wood ducks for years, and now I am finding them everywhere.
I stopped at Lake Isabella while searching for woodcocks, and stood quietly at the shore of the Little Miami.
Knowing what Pam is going through has turned me reflective today. Losing my Dad 2 years ago was a shock to all of us. He was healthy one day, and gone the next.
When we are young, we think that we (and everyone we love) will live forever. Then, as we grow older, our mortality and the mortality of others becomes clear. We know that someday our parents will be gone. But the day is seemingly so far in the future, we cannot comprehend how it will feel. And when it happens, the world as we know it comes crashing down.
The only comfort I can give myself when I think of my father, and everyone who has lost a loved one is this:
We have children not only to embrace the love that only our children can give us, but by doing so, we are placing a piece of us, immortal, on the Earth. Through our children, we will live on.

The river this evening was so calm and peaceful.
Though I am not a religious person, the Twenty-third Psalm came to me as I stood watching the water flow silently by:
"He makes me lie down in green pastures;
he leads me beside still waters;
he restores my soul."


Lynne said...

Simply, beautifully said Susan.

NatureWoman said...
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NatureWoman said...

I know you understand Susan. As I'm going through this time of extreme sadness that I can't describe I think of you and know that life does go on and the pain does subside thanks to friends like you telling me it does.
And your thought will help me, too. I'm a lot like my Dad and we not only loved each other very much, we were very good friends and did lots of stuff together. Thank you for the thought that my Dad is living on in me and my two brothers. It is very comforting.

Trixie said...

What a lovely tribute to your father, your children, and Pam. You are a good friend.

My father has been gone for four years now, it is still sad, but I see his face every day in some expression of my youngest. And that makes me happy and know that I will see that face in many places.

Pam, all I can say is breathe, breathe, each breath will help you get through.

mon@rch said...

Susan, another wonderful tribute and it has 3 years for my father. We all will continue to think about you Pam.

Jayne said...

He does and will restore the soul...and the precious memories will sustain us. A beautiful, peaceful image in the wood ducks... You are a good friend Susan.

Anonymous said...

To all of you that have lost a father which includes me it is very sad but the memories will live on. Do something positive in his memory such as researching his family tree, plant a tree etc. Be grateful that you had had a wonderful dad. I can only be thankful that my dad brought me life.

Body Soul Spirit said...

I am fortunate to still have both my parents. A moving and thoughtful post like yours can only be written by someone who has experienced loss. Thank you for sharing.

Mary said...

I'm right there with you, Susan. Pam's loss has made me reflective lately. My Mom has been gone for almost 11 months. We just need to carry on because that's what they would want.

vicki said...

Many of us are at an age to lose parents- if not already, soon. I echo Mary's thoughts, having recently lost my mother (it doesn't feel like a year!). Without knowing Pam, I can imagine her grief. I'm hoping she finds comfort in the care of good friends.