Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday at the old homestead

I love Indiana. I may live in Ohio now, but my roots stretch all the way across the state line.
uptree shot of cherry
Mom's weeping cherry tree is taller than her house now.
Mom's cherry blossoms
I love my Macro function. Anyone tired of close-up flower pictures?
Too bad.
Isabelle blowing bubbles
Isabelle is the Bubble Queen. It can keep her occupied for an hour straight. That's a good thing.
Lorelei under cherry tree
And Lorelei is the Queen of Photo Ops.

Let me take your PICTURE!
I had to tackle and hold down Miss Thing to get a picture of her laying on the grass.
Look! It's Earl's Uncle Ralph!
Mom's pond is teeming with critters. Water striders, diving beetles, crayfish, bullfrog tadpoles and two different types of snails. It's a great place to go "pond scooping".
bad pic of a crayfish
Sorry. This is a really bad shot of a crayfish.
Is this a frog or a salamander
When I first saw these guys, I thought I was looking at a fish (though there haven't been fish in this pond for about 30 years) because they were the largest animals in the pond. Then I thought they might be really really big tadpoles. But I saw two different ones, and green/brown ones like this. Salamanders??? Newts???
different view of frog thing
I don't know from salamanders. Who knows what kind of salamanders or newts would be living in a pond in southeastern Indiana?
Another snail
Another type of snail. Some had the pointy type of shell, and others had the classic swirl shell.
On the four-wheeler

And what trip to Indiana would be complete without some four-wheelin'?
My sister-in-law is storing this four wheeler for her Dad until he can find a place for it, so I took the girls for a high speed spin around the pasture and through the back field. I thought they might be scared, but since they are MY girls, they loved it to no end and begged me to go faster! I look sort of demonic in this picture. Sorry. I was trying to look happy.
I will catch seven kinds of Hell from my mother-in-law for this picture.

And a continuation of Sunday Sketches...I need a new pen:

Sunday sketch 040107


Trixie said...

Great four-wheeler action! What fun to drive around a pasture. Show more of yourr mom's place, it looks lovely!

Mary said...

It seems like yesterday when you were all freezing your butts off. Gosh Spring came fast in Ohio. Your pictures look SO DARN GOOD! No, I'm tiring of the macro at all. Glad to see your girls have your sense of adventure...I've never four-wheeled and don't ever plan to, either. Too chicken.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Try Googling red-spotted newt and see if that works for you. Thanks for the reminder--I keep forgetting to check our favorite newt pond (which happens to be right by the place where I pick the kids up in the afternoons). We'll take a jaunt down there and see if we can find some RSNE's!

mon@rch said...

Happy Sunday! I agree with Julie with the Red-spotted newt! And bubbles are soo much fun, well not as much fun a crayfish!!

Liza Lee Miller said...

Love the mini-crayfish! Coolness!

Where are your helmets??????

Have a good week, Susan!